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Apartments for rent in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia.
Book your Yoshkar-Ola flat online.

We are suggesting you the apartments in Yoshkar-Ola. Hotels in Yoshkar-Ola are not so good or much more expensive, sometimes they leave much to be desired. As you know you will never feel comfortable in the hotel room as you can do it being in a private apartment. We have a great choice of furnished Yoshkar-Ola apartments for you. All the apartments are of high standards, have land phone, shower and a bathroom with a hot water, cozy kitchens that are fully equipped, and you will be provide with linen and will all modern amenities. All the Yoshkar-Ola apartments are secure, clean and safe. You can easily find every Yoshkar-Ola flat on Yoshkar-Ola map.

Book apartment by phone: in Seattle, USA 206.8555795, in United Kingdom +441212880015,
in Australia +610731023171 or book on-line.

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Prices from

Location on Yoshkar-Ola map and distance from the agency


Pushkin street

35 EUR / day

Location 1, 3 minutes walk from "Alina" marriage agency


Pervomaiski street

35 EUR / day

Location 2, 10 minutes walk through the park


Chavain street

32 EUR / day

Location 3, 1 minute walk just opposite the agency


Lebedev street 3

35 EUR / day

Location 6, 5 minutes ride by car and 10 min ride by bus


Krasnoarmeiski street

25 EUR / day

Location 11, 15 minutes to walk to the agency


Eshpay street

20 EUR / day

Location 12, 15 minutes to get to the agency


Komsomolskaya street

35 EUR / day

Location 3, 3 minutes walk from the agency


Sovetskaya street

22 EUR / day

Location 19, 3 minutes to walk to the agency


Lenin street

15 EUR / day

Location 20, 15 minutes to get to the agency on foot


Sovetskaya street 2

12 EUR / day

Location 21, 3 minutes to walk to the agency


Dear Gentlemen! If you have some problems with filling in the apartment booking form, please send us your request by e-mail to . Your privacy is protected.

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