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Alina Marriage agency clients, who visited russian lady in Yoshkar-Ola city of Russia ...
    The "Alina" Russian marriage agency is always glad to help you in looking for Russian bride. We are all happy that we've helped a number of people to find each other in such a huge world. Only by our matchmaking service these people have managed to meet each other to fill their life with joy and happiness and create loving families with warm and tender reiation. We'd like to show you how our recent pairs have met each other how people's hopes appear get stronger and turn into life. It looks like a love story but it reality and it works. Join "Alina" agency today!

Gerrut and Liudmila

It was the evening of the 28th of November 2007, when I arrived in the office of ALINA. Even though my one flight had been delayed, and another was cancelled, resulting in me arriving much later than planned, I was in a high spirit. This was my second trip to Russia, but the first to Yoshkar-Ola, and I was very excited to meet the friends (staff and ladies at ALINA) I have corresponded with for over a year. On the couch in the office sat a shy and quiet lady - Liudmila - next to another visitor. I was introduced to them and the staff members present, and then we all had a small celebration.

    The trip was wonderful, even though a renal stone ruined my last few days of my visit, and provided me with the unique opportunity to experience what it is like in a Russian hospital. Upon my return to Taiwan, I could not forget the quiet lady I had met that first evening in Yoshkar-Ola. I decided to send Liudmila an e-mail, hoping that my tired appearance and excited behavior had not made a bad impression on her. It didn't, and I was delighted when she wrote a response to my e-mail. Over the next few months we exchanged many e-mails and SMS messages, and even had a few video chats to get to know each other better. I liked Liudmila a lot, and decided to invite her to visit me in Taiwan. It was her first visit abroad and ALINA assisted with all the necessary arrangements, from the taking of the photographs and completion of the documents for her visa application, to the actual application and collection of the visa, arranging the tickets, and the taxi service between the airport and train station in Moscow.

I flew to Hong Kong, to meet Liudmila in the airport. At the arrival gate I was met by the same shy quiet lady I had met in Yoshkar-Ola a year earlier. Our flight to Taiwan was pleasant, and our time together in Taiwan was wonderful and went by much too fast. I accompanied Liudmila to Hong Kong again on her return flight, and I felt sad to say good bye to my (then) beautiful girlfriend. Over the next few months we were in constant contact via e-mail, SMS messages, and telephone. We started planning my next trip to Russia, which took place in early 2009. Again, like with all my previous trips to Russia, ALINA assisted with the necessary invitation documentation and medical insurance arrangements for my visa and trip.

My January 2009 trip to Yoshkar-Ola was unforgettable! Not only was it my first time to experience a Russian winter, but I also had the wonderful opportunity to live with Liudmila and meet her friends and family. Most wonderful of all, I asked her if she would marry me, and she said "yes"!

After much discussion, Liudmila and I decided to get married in South Africa in September 2009. Again, ALINA was there to assist with advice about where to obtain the necessary documents, as well as with doing the translations, notarization by notary public, and getting the apostille for all the documents.

The two weeks leading up to our wedding was a very busy time due to some final arrangements that had to be finalized, and Liudmila meeting new friends and family. And then came the big day, a day we will never forget in our whole lives. Our wedding took place in an agricultural region of South Africa, and in front of family and friends, in this unusual setting, surrounded by savanna and cornfields, we were wed. We want to express our gratitude to my parents and the other people who made our wedding a day to remember. And to the staff at ALINA Agency, we want to say thank you for all your kind assistance; without you, so much would not have been possible. Thank you.

Gerrut Norval,
Chiayi City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Kevin and Elena

My name is Kevin and would first like to say that joining with Alina Agency was a great experience for me. Why because I would not have met Elena! For all the things in life that has happened to me that was good she was the one that has brightened my life. We started out of course with writing each other letters through the agency and realized that we had alot in common with each other and continued for several months through some web cam chat through the agency as well.

    Then I had made the decision to take a trip to Yoshkar-Ola to see her. This was the first time I had made a trip over seas. Nervous, very much so. More nervous of actually meeting her in person than anything. But we did and it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me having Elena in my life. We had a wonderful two weeks together. Alina agency scheduled trips for us and all the needs that I needed while I was there. An apartment, a driver when needed , met me at the airport and got me safely to Yoshkar-Ola and scheduled our tours that we had went on. I had met her family and her two wonderful children. I am learning the Russian language as she is learning more of the English language. We used a translator on our trips which Alina Agency had provided but we communicated very well with out when we were together. We knew what each other were thinking at all times.

I love you Elena you are everything to me. Men there are many woman just like her here in this wonderful town. I met people that were very pleasant and friendly. The town is very clean and they all take pride in there city. The staff at Alina Agency are professional and good people, all were hospitable to me and very good to me on what I needed in my stay there. I will be going back in Mid August or the beginning of September to see my wonderful Elena again. If any of you have questions at all, please feel free to contact me through Alina Agency and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Good luck with your journey.

Kevin Talley,
Olivehurst, California, United States.

Brett and Maria

It was the beautiful day of the 30th of August of 2005 that the manager of Alina agency sent my letter to my then future wife. It was a short letter but thankfully enough in it to catch the interest of this beautiful girl I saw pictures of on this site. Following some emails and many SMS messages we both agreed to meet personally for the first time in the romantic city of Prague in the Czech Republic. I arranged with much help from the agency, air tickets, accommodations, visas, and travel dates and we met on a very snowed in day at 6 AM in the morning on 30th December 2005.

    After a beautiful week of restaurants, Daily tours of the city of Prague; it was time to leave my now beautiful girlfriend behind. It was one week later and for every minute my Masha on my mind, I decided to invite her to Australia as my fiancee. It was nerve racking waiting for her answer to my question "Will you marry me?" But it was worth the wait. It was only a few days and we both then made arrangements for our time in Australia as engaged. Masha arrived in Australia on 22nd of October 2006. Of course there were many papers to fill out for Masha's fiancee visa including another trip to Moscow for the interview with authorities.

In the months leading up to our wedding in February 2007, it was a very busy time adjusting to life as a couple and meeting new friends and family. And our wedding day, a day we will never forget in our whole lives. It was a wonderful setting in amongst gardens and waterfalls. Our minister was very caring and all of our friends and families made it a day to remember. We both want to thank Alina agency for your countless hours of help and attention. If not for you, we would never met each other. Thank you.

Brett Plant,
Deception Bay, Queensland, Australia.

Daniel and Nataliya

I work in an insurance company in Paris as an IT engineer. Nataliya was a nurse who lived in Yoshkar-Ola city. In August 2004, I discovered by hazard the profile of Nataliya in Internet. Having sent one letter, I received a positive answer from Nataliya to continue the correspondence and one letter from the agency who offered their services, including the translation one. Nataliya was not good in English. The agency was very helpful for our correspondence that was very abundant. We exchanged letters every 2 days. In December 2004, we decided to meet in Moscow.

     I organized my trip to Russia, and the Agency helped Nataliya with the trip to Moscow. In February 2005, I arrived at the Moscow airport, Nataliya waited me with a co-worker from "Alina" Marriage agency that drove us to the hotel. I will always remember the moment when I met her eyes. We spent 4 wonderful days in this beautiful city. Coming back to Paris, I rented a computer with the internet connection for Nataliya in the "Alina" agency, so we could correspond and see each other every night.

    In May 2005, Nataliya was invited to Paris for few weeks. She started attending French lessons. We went for holidays in the south of France for 2 weeks. After that she came back to Yoshkar-Ola city. Then the "Alina" Marriage agency began preparing my trip to Yoshkar-Ola and Nataliya's documents for marriage and for her trip to France. In august, I went to Yoshkar-Ola city and we spent two weeks there. I met and got acquainted with the family and the friends of Nataliya. I discovered a great and a beautiful country with very nice and true people.

    Coming back to France with Nataliya, we started preparing for our marriage. We were married at the beginning of October 2005. After 2 months of the marriage, we are very happy and we thank the "Alina" Marriage agency for all they do. Feel free to e-mail me at daniel.et.natasha@gmail.com .

Daniel Gasnault,
Paris, France.

Jim and Elena

I'm a simple police officer from Roanoke Virginia. I've been dating American women for about 15 months since my divorce. Let me tell you I'm not happy with them at all. I've meet the normal type we all date. You know old, overweight, and angry with a lot of baggage. I was ready to give up on women. Something made me get on the Internet and start looking at the very pretty ladies in Russia looking for an American husband. It seems that Russian women think we American men make better husbands. I'm not sure it's correct but I can tell you Russian ladies make our women look like men. And let me tell you that they are what we dream of.

    While doing my search I found the Alina Agency. I started looking at the ladies of Alina Agency and tried the free first few letters to several nice women. All much better then anything I'd seen in the USA. I wasn't sure I'd found the right site for me. After a few letters the Alina manager Irina started sending me women she felt matched my needs for a wife. It was kind of strange at first. I even got a phone call from Russia offering to help me in my search. Now that's what I call personal service. Irina talked me into joining the agency and paying the monthly fee to meet and talk to all the ladies. I sent out more letters and started getting responses. I couldn't believe it. These pretty women wanted to meet me.

    I started making plans to travel to Yoshkar-Ola in Russia. Irina and another manager Ivan helped me with finding me a nice apartment to stay in and lining up girls to meet. They sent me a list of appointments to meet about 35 ladies. I flew to Kazan Russia to meet the ladies of Alina.I was worn out after a long flight but was meet by my driver and a translator Serge. Serge said lets go and we were off to Yoskar-ola. After a 2 hour drive I was taken to my apartment to shave and shower. I was worn out but the sight of pretty girls everywhere woke me up. Serge informed me he would be my translator and match maker. If i tried to pick the wrong lady he would pour cold water on me. He became a best friend over the next several days. I was taken to the Agency and meet my first lady Elena. Trust me guys. She looks like a super model. I fell for her right away. It turns out she liked me as well. Lucky me. On day one i meet the first women and was falling in love fast. I asked her out after a short meting. She said yes and we were out on a date a few hours later with a Alina Agency translator Lyudmila.

    Lyudmila told me that Elena was the best choice for me. You didn't have to tell me twice. I'd never seen anything like this short of a magazine guys. While Elena returned to her work over the next several days I went to the Alina Agency office with Lyudmila and meet several many pretty women. I just could not get Elena off my mind and ask her out every night. On my last four days she offered to take off work and spend all the time with me. I was in heaven. The Alina Agency set up two very nice romantic trips for Elena and I. We were taken to Sheremetevo castle on Saturday and the city of Cheboksary on Sunday. This really sealed our love. I took over one hundred pictures. Lyudmila somehow always knew when to help out and when to leave us alone. It turns out my Elena speaks a little English. We did very well with a dictionary. I was able to meet her family including her son, sister and parents. Fellows I'm going to marry this girl. Don't worry there is no shortage of great women. You can all find one for you. I'm working on a visa for Elena now. I should also say this pretty lady cook, cleans,and irons. She is the best. I love you Elena. I will be willing to talk to anyone that has questions. Stop being alone men. You may e-mail me at Jjimdick@aim.com .
Good luck.I'll see you in Russia at the Alina Agency.

Jim Dickinson,
Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

Christian, Austria,

My impressions of Russian marriage agency "Alina" :

    It was by accident that I found Alina Russian marriage agency page in the Internet when I was surfing. In my head I had for a long time the idea of finding my partner in the East. I had heard so many good things about the Russian girls . I browsed through the Russian ladies' profiles on Alina Russian marriage agency site and quickly some Russian woman caught my eye.

    Being experienced in internet business I am very careful and do not easily trust what I see. However, Alina Russian marriage agency made a very serious impression on me and I was not deceived until this day. I thought "Let's give it a try". For several months I had correspondence with a Russian lady. Finaly I decided to go to Russia to meet my lady. During all this time I had quick replies on my letters. The communication with Alina Russian marriage agency was very professional. All my letters got fast to my Russian girl and were thoroughly translated.

    Even more important was the fact that Alina Russian marriage agency helped me with organizing my trip to Russia. I had an Alina- guide and translator who accompanied me from Moscow where I arrived by plane to Yoshkar-Ola. Nobody can image how important this service was for a man who is not speaking Russian in a country where you cannot even read the street signs. The Alina Russian marriage agency team gave me a warm welcome in yoshcar-ola and I was treated like a "family-member".

    During all my stay Alina was of great help and organized additional meetings with Russian women for me. I dare say that everybody has high chance to find his dreamwoman there. Now Alina assists me in inviting my Russian girl to Austria. Everybody who wants to try Alina I can tell that Alina does serious, honest and high quality work for not cheap but fair price.
Barney and Natalia

    In the spring of 2004 I was looking on the computer for many things. A friend told me that that there is a Russian marriage agency in a city called Yoshkar-Ola. The name of the Russian marriage agency is Alina. I was not sure about spending time looking into a Russian marriage agency or talking to anyone so far away. After several emails and speaking with the owner of the Russian marriage agency, Ivan I decided to look at the Russian women that were going to his Russian marriage agency looking to meet the right guy.

    I met a Russian lady at the Russian marriage agency and started to correspond with her. Her name is Natalia. She seemed like a wonderful person. We wrote many letters back and forth to each other. Well the day came that I decided to go at meet this Russian women that was so wonderful. I contacted Ivan directly and asked him to make all the arrangements for my travels to his city. He took care of my visa and invitation letter along with someone to meet me at the airport. I was very happy because as you can imagine I was very worried about travel to Russia. Once I arrived I was treated very well. I got to Yoshkar-Ola on the train. Natalia was there to meet me at the train as well as Ivan. She was more beautiful in person then I could ever imagine. Our relationship only grew stronger from there.

    Ivan made for me a very good itinerary of things to do and places for me and Natalia to visit. It was the best trip I had ever taken. We spent all of our time together. I was very surprised how the Russian women are. They are very supportive and loving. I was able to meet her family to. She has a beautiful family and very kind. I left Yoshkar-Ola with much sadness in my heart. We said our goodbyes at the train. It was very hard. If it were not for the pictures that I took on my digital camera it would have been a very long trip back to the states.

    Well Natalia and I talked on the phone every day when I got back home. She was the Russian woman for me. I made two more trips after that. And on the third trip I was able to bring Natalia home with me. In three months we were married. My family loves her and can see how happy I am. I am not much of a writer so I hope that this story will touch your hearts. I only wish I could say all the wonderful things that have happened to me since I have met Natalia. We are happily married now and in love more that I thought I could ever be. If it were not for Alina and his wonderful people at the Russian marriage agency with all their help and dedication to helping I guy like myself I would have never met the love of my life. This is a dream come true. Thanks to Ivan and his help I have met the love of my life.

Barney B.,
Beaverton, USA.

Arjan and Elena

    Once upon a time in a country far away.... Only months ago we started writing to each-other, quickly finding out we had lots of things in common and had similar thoughts about anything that came to pass. With every letter we exchanged....word even, warm feelings grew at an overwhelming pace like they did never before.

    Never even having considered visiting Russia....much less having a clue where Yoshkar-Ola was located exactly, I found myself looking it all up one morning shortly after and checking flights to the nearest international airport the same afternoon. Days after I had booked my flight with only thought on my mind....we have to meet each-other. Without having met, we found true love with each other through correspondence and phone calls. No doubt, no nerves, only a deep longing to be together by the time my flight approached. The early morning I finally landed, went through customs and we laid eyes on each-other....confirmed everything my heart already knew. Without even having noticed ....I had stepped into Russia and we were on our way to Yoshkar-Ola, for the most unforgettable week of my life. We have been able to spend all my time visiting together, which made it more special even. I was very positively impressed by Russia as a country, coming from the densely populated Netherlands...the distances and amounts of forest were something unknown to me, as was the gigantic size of the Volga river. Yoshkar-Ola itself is a pleasant town I found, with enough interesting things to see and visit and friendly people. We visited some very nice restaurants which left a great impression on me....the food in general did, as did the quantities. I can go on for a while....in the end everything was good... mostly because we shared it together. It made the week I visited to the most special one in my life:.what we found together materialized everything ever dreamed off. Following my heart ....I knelt down in the park and we engaged ourselves and share our lives together in the Netherlands. I would fly home early next morning and letting go in the middle of the night was the hardest thing ever. Now only home for a few days it feels incomplete and missing is not even the right word anymore. We will get together as soon as possible now and not let go anymore. As everything has been like a fairytale come true...I conclude, they lived happily ever after ; ) .

Limburh, Netherlands.

Joe and Nadezhda

    My name is Joe and I am 43 years old. I arrived to Yoshkar-Ola from Australia to visit a Russian lady that I had been writing to for some months. The staff at Alina's Russian marriage agency were very helpful during my visit arranging trips to nearby attractions, such as the Aquapark in Kazan and others.

    It was very cold during my visit, which was hard for me, as I came from a warm country. I found the people of the area very friendly and helpful. I found that there are many nice cafes and restaurants to eat at and the price of food is very reasonable. Overall I can say that I enjoyed my stay in Yoshkar-Ola and I look forward to visiting it again. Anyone interested in visiting the Mary El region of Russia I can recommend that you do so and if you require any assistance during your stay contact Alina's Russian marriage agency for assistance.


Arwel and Svetlana

    My name is Arwel, I am 39. And I live in Wales with my three sons: Ben 2, Vaughan 7 and David 8.

    I visited Yoshkar-Ola to gain my first experience of Russia and to meet a wonderful Russian lady whom I had been writing to. Russia has proven to be an interesting exciting country, full of kind people with warm hearts and friendly smiles. It is a country in change, it is not the same as Western Europe or America, neither is it Asian. It is unique and very special because of this.

    I am so pleased that I have visited here - my life would not have been as full without this experience, and as to the Russian lady I met - well I would have walked here just to look into her eyes - she is perfect!


Anna and Tim

    "My impressions of "Alina" Russian marriage Agency:

    I have in the past few years had occasion to deal with a few agencies in my search for my soulmate, and until now I have not come across a Russian marriage agency which was so efficiently and carefully run and administered as Alina`s. The staff are attentive, and extremely helpful, and at no time was I ever concerned that any worry I had, or question I needed answered, would not be given the full attention of a member of staff, or indeed of yourself.

    I enjoyed being at the Russian marriage agency very much, it was a pleasant place to come to and to chat with your staff, the other clients I found everyone there friendly and easy to get along with, it was as if I had been many times before, and felt I was treated as an old friend, a feeling I liked very much. I like the way you do business, (it is similar to my own way of dealing with my customers) and that personal touch you have, of always being available to talk with me or with any other client is a wonderful relationship to have :o) Please don't change it !! I know if you did, that it would remove some of the charm that Alina Russian marriage agency has for me, and I am certain for other clients too, and that would be a great shame.

    The apartment:
    The apartment was HUGE !! Much bigger than I expected it to be, and in very good order, both cleanliness and repair wise. It was extremely good value for money, and with the door entry system and good security I felt very very safe to be there at all times. The only very very small complaint was at the lack of knives for preparing and for eating food, but it is such a small negative that it is hardly worth mentioning, and didn't spoil my stay in any way at all. I mention it only so that it can be solved in case another visitor should make a big deal of it :o)) The apartment was very convenient for my Russian ladies home also, a real bonus that we could be so close to her own home and yet still have that independence and privacy. It was also convenient for the city centre, not too close as to be a problem with noise from the street, but close enough that getting to the shopping areas was easy and quick. All round, a very nice and enjoyable place to stay.

    Yoshkar-Ola town:
    Is the prettiest and best maintained city I have seen on all my travels to the FSU. The streets are very clean, and the buildings of the main parts of the city are well maintained and bright to look at. In the outer parts of the town some of the buildings are of course much older and less beautiful, but on the whole Yoshkar-Ola is a very lovely place to visit, and a walk I took with Anya across the river bridge at night gave us stunning views !!! The shopping is excellent, and the supermarkets very comprehensive in their stocks of goods and foods, both western and local. I particularly liked the "Apelcine" supermarket and of course the "EuroSpar" one, which is very similar to supermarkets in the UK. But as it is a branch of a UK supermarket chain that is hardly suprising :o) Taxis around the city are very inexpensive and very easy to have at the door within 5 or so minutes of calling one, much better service than I am used to in the UK I must add !!! The restaurants and cafes we used were also excellent, with the food being of wonderful quality, and the service extremely good, but again inexpensive by western standards:"

Tim Haines,

Ludmila and Roine

    My name is Roine Puiras. I am from Sweden. I work as a driver of a forklift at a Papermaking factory. It is my first trip to Russia. I have been to Yoshkar-Ola for 2 weeks. I came here to find a Russian lady. It was not so easy for me to come here. I was afraid to fly by plane and I was afraid of Russian mafia. And in reality my flight was great. I am not afraid of planes any more, and I haven't notice any traces of mafia here.

    I was very lucky: I have found Ludmila. She is very nice and intelligent, and she is my real soul-mate. This Christmas she is coming to Sweden. I have already 3 friends, married Russian girls, in my factory. And my other friends are waiting for my returning back and my story of my Russian trip. I will suggest them to visit your city and to apply to your Russian marriage agency. They will find here nice people and warm welcome.

Roine Puiras,

Tatyana Gille and Allan Bradly

They met each other with the help of our Russian marriage agency, they wrote each other warm letters for about a few months before they made up their mind to get married.

Now Tatyana is the happiest Russian woman in the world, so is Allan. They have found each other and we are glad for them.
Galina Semenova and Kevin Breen

This couple is very original and they match each other perfectly. Have a look at their picture! Don't they look wonderful!? :)
Vera Makarova and Humberto Gonzalez

Vera is very beautiful! No wonder, Humberto showed an interest about her. They had a Splendid wedding in Moscow.
Elena Praht and David Lee

This wonderful couple met each other in our Russian marriage agency. After a few months of friendly correspondence they realized that they are meant to be together. Now they are happy together, and they are going to get married this winter.

We are proud for our job and we are glad that we managed to help those people to find each other.
We are always glad to see you as our clients and we'll do our best !!!
We wish you could find your Russian bride at our Russian marriage agency !!!
Good luck in your search !!!

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