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Visa support available from the Marriage Agency - Alina.
    To apply for visa to Russia you first need to obtain a letter of invitation. Letter of invitation may be guest, travel and business. Currently we provide Guest, Tourist, Business Single, Double and Multi entry Russian Visa Support.

    If you have a desire to visit Russia in the nearest future - it is very important that you start all the visa preparations beforehand not to run back and forth and sweat all over at the last moment. Under the common practice Russian Consulate has a right to consider your visa application as long as it feels necessary. So be sure that you are planning to arrive to Russia at least in 3 weeks after application.

    To make the procedure of getting a letter of invitation fast and easy Alina will guide you through 4 steps:

    Step 1 (get the passport and decide what type of visa you need)

    You need to get the passport from the Officials, what will allow you to visit foreign countries. Keep in mind that any ID issued in your country as an official identification of your personality can not be accepted for travelling. We highly recommend you to appeal to the Passport Department Office and obtain it prior you have decided to travel. Every passport ratified by International Laws is valid for traveling to Russia and entering the country, but is not valid for entry without a VISA.

    Russian visa is required for every foreign citizen to enter, stay and even leave Russia. It is an exit permit just like it's an entry permit. So don't lose it or stay over your designated departure date, and think carefully of the dates of arrival and departure.

    Here is some information on the types of Visa you may get with Alina's assistance:

    Russian Guest Visa can be applied for with Alina's assistance. This type of visa is slow to obtain (it usually takes more than 4 weeks so be sure your visit to Russia is not urgent) but valid for the term of up to 90 days. Original visa support letter ("Priglashenie") from a Russian Federal Migration Service Office (FMS) is needed to get a guest visa.

    Russian Tourist Visa is issued for a maximum of 30 days for non-business reason to tourists who have booked accommodation in Russia. Order a tourist visa if you know exactly where and how long you are going to staying without diverting from your planned itinerary. In case your order a tourist visa support from Alina we will provide you with visa support invitation to satisfy this requirement and confirming your accommodations/itinerary. No hotel reservations or bookings will be required on your part.

    Russian Business Visa is issued to visitors, who travel to Russia on business, but do not know their exact itineraries and intent to stay in Russia longer than 30 days or need to enter Russia frequently. Multiple-entry business visas are valid for 6 or 12 months and provide for unlimited number of entries/exits. Important! According to the New Regulation, foreign citizen with a Multi (Multiple) Entry Russian Visa can stay in Russia only 90 days within each 180 days period.

    Step 2 (fill in the invitation application form)

    Fill in the following Invitation application form and submit it.

    Step 3 (make an order)

Visa Type
Term of validity
30 days of processing
5 days of processing
1 day of processing
Guest visa,
Single or Double entry
90 days
Tourist Visa,
Single entry
30 days
Tourist visa,
Double entry
30 days
Business visa,
Single or Double entry
90 days
Business Visa,
Multi entry
365 days

    Please, contact us to make an order.

    Step 4 (submit documents to Russian Consulate and pick up your visa)

    After the documents processing (feeling in the necessary forms - done by the agency) you will receive the notification that the letter of invitation sent to you. We're done with invitation!

    All you need to do next in order to get Russian visa - submit documents for visa in person, through an authorized travel agency or by your legal representative :

1. A completed visa application (one per person), signed by the Applicant i.e. by you. All entries on the form must be typed or printed in block letters in English. Incomplete visa application forms shall not be processed.

You may fill in this form online, print it out, sign and submit with other necessary documents:

Online Russian Visa Application
2. A valid national passport (original) which should have at least one clear page for a visa. Your passport must be valid not less than 6 months after the date of your departure from Russia.
3. Two professional passport-size (35x45 mm) photos of the applicant on a white background. The photo should be done on black-and-white or colour matt paper. Please write your name in capital letters on the back of the photo. The photo should be stapled to the specially marked place of the application form.
4. For Guest or Business type of visa: Original (No copies are accepted) visa support letter ("Priglashenie") issued by Russian Federal Migration Service (FMS) - mailed to you by "Alina" agency.

For Tourist type of visa: A standard tourist invitation letter (visa cover letter) and an original voucher (comprised by the invitation letter and faxed/e-mailed to you by "Alina" agency).
5. A Money Order or cashiers check payable to the Russian Consulate for visa processing.

Attention !

    After you receive your visa we strongly recommend to check it for possible mistakes (passport number, date of birth, term of validity) and, if necessary, return it to the Consulate for corrections. The Consulate usually will not be responsible for any mistakes in the visas, which were not brought to its attention prior to the departure from the country.

    Please be advised that in case you decide to send all listed documents to the Consulate by regular mail the Consulate assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage of the documents.

    If you apply for a visa valid for more than three months (multiple re-entry visa), you must submit HIV Test (AIDS) Certificate in addition to all listed documents.

    All foreign nationals entering the Russian Federation are requested to fill in the Migration Card and present it to the Border Control Officer along with their passports.

    Every foreign citizen is required to be registered within 7 business days by host party upon arrival to Russia. Exceptions: a) if you are staying at a hotel, the hotel administration will register your visa for the period of stay; b) you are not required to register your visa if you stay in Russia for less than 3 days more info >>

    You will feel more comfortable and safe after obtaining Health/Travel insurance which is mandatory for citizens of some countries to get the Russian visa.

Service Disclaimer !

    We guarantee our services, but there may be some circumstances which we cannot handle. Our agency does NOT bear the responsibility for stolen passports, visas, Invitation letters and other documents lost or damaged on a way to you or back to our company. We do not guarantee that a visa will be issued as the Consulate, since it may be refused to be obtained for any reason we are not responsible for. Your Consular fees are reimbursable only if you are denied an entry visa and the Consulate has offered to refund it's fee. Otherwise, such fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice. If you fail to follow the above mentioned requirements, your visa application will not be processed.

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