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Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan

Have you been thinking much about spending your vacation in an absolutely unusual place? Have you often been thinking about visiting the city where many cultures, religions and epochs merge together? Would you like to see with your own eyes the magnetic ancient architecture of a city which is 1000 years old next to the most modern and bright entertaining complexes? Would you like to hear the echo of the old times and the life rhythm of the 21st century in the city, which is unique enough to unite east and west, the Christianity and the Islamic religion? If you would want to visit the city whose beauty and originality would make you fall in love with this city forever, I bet you would have thought about Kazan.

Kazan turns 1000 years old in 2005. This city used to be the capital of the Islamic Khanate, later, after a long siege it was conquered by Ivan the Fearsome and had become a part of Russia. Nowadays Kazan, which is the capital of the republic of Tatarstan, has the population of 1.3 million people. This is a large interesting and multinational city. Here you can meet old restored Islamic churches next to the Orthodox churches famous by their golden covers. Also there are synagogues, German traditional churches, Hindu temples. UNESCO had acknowledged the Kremlin of Kazan a cultural monument of a world wide importance. Plenty of tourists are greatly attracted by the huge number of comfortable hotels, by the well developed transportation system, by the Aquapark, hundreds of the night clubs and restaurants, bright colors of the historic monuments and museums.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 140 euros/car

Excursion service: 6 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour

The Raif monastery of Saint Mary

The founder of the Raif monastery was Filaret - the monk, who was born in Moscow. After his parents deceased, he followed the Gospel's word and gave all he had to the poor ones and became a member of the Moscow Chudov Monastery. He was deeply loved by the prior and the other members of the monastery, he had spent all the vague times till the death of the Patriarch Germogen very close to the Apostolic and had deserved the dignity of the higher monk. He wished to follow the ascetic life of anachorite alone, which was impossible in Moscow, his acquaintances and family were breaking his loneliness. Thus, he left that monastery and traveled to the provinces in the Volga region. He had travelled through many monasteries and cities, finally Filaret had arrived in Kazan, stayed there and became a member of Kazan Spasopreobrazhensky Monastery.

Since Filaret mostly preferred to stay alone and in silence, he often left the monastery and walked to the deep forests around Kazan. One day like that Filaret left the city and went North-West, to the places unknown to him. Walking through the virgin forest he occasionally came to the shore of the unknown lake, its light green waters were quietly moving in there. It was wonderful and magnificent, but at the same time a little bit darksome as well, it was pretty outlying and protected from the people by the dark forest, all this had charmed the monk so much that he had decided to stay there and build a little house for himself. It happened in 1613 and this is exactly the date of the Raif wilderness' foundation.

The legend says the building of the chapel had been followed by the bright sign of God's grace. One day some monk went outdoors, looked in the sky and saw the hand, showing from the clouds and blessing the place of the wilderness. The monk was delighted and surprised to see such an unusual thing, he hurried to tell Filaret about that, who had taken it as a very good sign. Later some monks could hear an unusual sound of the bell, repeating with more or less brightness.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 90 euros/car

Excursion service: 2 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour

Cheboksary, the capital of the republic of Chuvashia

Republic of Chuvashia is located along the picturesque shores of the the great Russian river Volga. This is the place where one of the most numerous nations of Russia - hardworking and peaceful Chuvash nation. The population of the Republic is multinational: chuvash nation takes 67.7%, Russian nation - 26.7%, Tatar nation - 2.7%, Mordva nation - 1.4%, other nations - 1.4%.

Chuvash region is an interesting mix of the old times and the modern civilization. The nature of the region is presented by the virgin woods rich with the fauna, mushrooms and berries, quiet and strict Volga Sur landscape.

The city of Cheboksary, the capital of Chuvashia is located in the mid Volga region, between Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. The earliest written mentioning of the city is dated with May, 1496 and deals with the war between Russians, led by Ivan Dmitrievich Run and Tatars. The Complete Russian Chronicle says: "The very same day they spent the night after traveling over 60 miles, in the morning they had their breakfast in Roznezh and spent the night in Cheboksary, and they traveled from Cheboksary day and all night and arrived in Kazan early in the morning.

Chuvashia is rich with the historical monuments, witnessing about the colorful historic past of the Chuvash nation. Plenty of the places in this republic are so very interesting as historic, cultural, inquiring places for the cultural tourism. The most famous and visited places are the Beer Museum and the Museum of Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 65 euros/car

Excursion service: 5 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour


Old little towns: They have absorbed the light of the past in them. They bring joy with the new things, they surprise with unusual things, which bring the proud of the people and make them pass it to all the following generations. Kozmodemyansk is exactly that type of the town.

In the 16th century Ivan the Fearsome had sent his serving princes and part of the army. Those people together with the locals - mountain Mari nation - they had founded the fortress and Kozmodemyansk served its purpose as a military and administrative place in the Eastern boundary of Moscow Land.

There is a certain visit card of Kozmodemyansk and the proud of its cisitzens - this is an artistic and historic museum named after Grigoriev A.V. Alexander Vladimirovich Grigoriev had gone all the dramatic way of his generation. He was born on the 28th of May, 1891 in the village of Pertnury and died in Aug, 25 1961 in the town of Tarusya, Kaluga region. Grigoriev was buried in Moscow, in the Novodevichy cemetery. Grigoriev A.V. was one of the first professional Mari artists and famous social person, who dreamt about creating "small Tretyakov Gallery" in his native town. During many years he had been investing in the fonds of the Gallery of the museums, created by him.

Feb, 27 1979 was started the building of the ethnographic museum under the open sky in Kozmodemyansk. This museum was opened in summer 1983. This event was occasional with Kozmodemyansk turning 400 years old.

It has become the major repository for the monuments of architecture, the antiques of household, working and cultural life which used to belong to the landowners and craftsmen in the Mari region. The live exhibits help visitors to get a deeper understanding of the history, make them proud of their glorious ancestors. The museum is constantly building, growing and getting more and more new exhibits. It is so very dear to all the people of the region, it makes the national and international tourists very interested.

Please, visit the Etnographic outdoors Museum in Kozmodemyansk page.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 145 euros/car

Excursion service: 4 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour

Chkarino horse riding complex and horse tourism in Mari-El republic.

Horse tourist complex "Verhovoy kruiz" invites you to the rest in Mari-El region and offers you exciting tours in the pure forest world of Mari-El republic.

We had arranged for you various pedestrian, bike and horse tours, that will acquaint you with the history, culture, nature and national cuisine of our region, give an opportunity to rest, to learn horse riding: our riding academy will help you to do it. You will be always accompanied with experienced riding masters, competent guides, who will do their best to make your rest good and full of remarkable memories of the Mari region.

At your disposal:

horse, bike, pedestrian itineraries
trainer instructor services
horse riding training
trainings in the opened riding hall
riding trips, required equipment
local excursions, cozy dining-room
accommodation in the comfortable two-bed rooms
russian banya, barbecue rent, karaoke, billiard, table tennis

As far back as 10 years ago horseriding was available for professional sportsmen and well-off people only. For people, belonging to the "coterie", horse riding is an integral part of their activity (tennis, expensive fitness-club, massage and now horse riding). Other people appreciate a unique opportunity to treat horses - wonderful animals indeed. Some people do horse riding in due to be healthy; they use horse as some kind of simulator. And for others horse riding is like psychotherapy - they tone up and keep up their spirits. People, indulging in horse riding, open up more new opportunities. For example, we have various horse tours for those, who have already passed riding trainings. For those, who has never been in raptures spending time with a horse, there is a riding academy with professional riding masters. We have no age limits - you can start riding both in your 10s and your 60s.

Mari-El region is an ecologically clean area in the centre of Russia (Volga region). The nature of the region is unique in its beauty and integrity, plenty of forests, lakes, berries, mushrooms, and variety of animal world. That's why horse tourism in Mari-El leaves remarkable impressions. For many years forests have been the place of living, nourishment and holly temple for folk Mari, living in this area. Next to the complex there is a picturesque church of Holly Mother Intercession, library-museum of the mari writer Arkadiy Krupnyakov, culture centre, post office, shop.

In every season outdoor rest is a wonderful way to change the air, gain strength and to be close with nature! Come here for fresh air, pure water, for silence and forest sounds!

Please, visit the Chkarino horse riding complex page.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 50 euros/car

Excursion service: 4 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour

The museum-reservation "Sheremetevo Castle", Yurino village

On the left bank of Volga-river your attention is attracted by a castle, looking like a medieval castle, with serrated towers, windows of stained coloured glass, a dome of winter garden. With many legends, it attracts by its unknown mystique and particular beauty...

There are few buildings on the Middle Volga like Sheremetev Castle in Yurino village. German and Russian architects designed this castle, Yurino`s artisans threw it up, and an Italian craftsman was invited to Russia to decorate floors with mosaic.

The architecture of the castle has some traits of eclecticism with the influence of Gothic, Orient, Romanesque and Ancient Russian style. It is built of red and black bricks, and white-bricked details look especially picturesque in this background.

The south entrance leads in the winter garden, above which you can see a glass dome, based on a huge ring, supported by 7 columns. There are almost 100 apartments in the castle, among them "Picture gallery", "Orient cabinet", "Oak room", "Skobelevsky hall" etc. You can also enjoy cafe-bar and sauna there.

If you wish, we can combine excursions to Kozmodemyansk, Yurino, Sheremetevo Castle in a two-days tour with living in the hotel of Sheremetevo Castle.

Cost of the tour:

Transportation: 185 euros/car

Excursion service: 10 euros/hour

Interpreting service: 5,5 euros/1 hour

Living: 20 euros/person/day

A special offer for "Alina" agency clients!

We offer you to get married with your lady in a really dreamlike and mysterious place of the Republic of Mari El - Sheremetevo Castle. This bright and colourful event, accessible before only for kings, now is available for you. You`ll never forget it! After registration of your marriage, you can have wedding in a nearer Mihailovo-Arhangelskaya church. And in the evening all the guests will see off the newlyweds in a specially prepared apartment in the castle.

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