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Russian celebrities used. Friske and Volochkova married off.

The article from "The Argumenty i Facty" Newspaper, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, issue N 50, December, 2006

Anastasia Volochkova (a famous Russian ballet-dancer) has recently grown one of the most popular Internet fiancees - to unite in conjugal ties with her a foreign fiance put down 26,000 EUR ($34,170).

Russian celebrities used by scammers. Friske and Volochkova married off

A 45-years old constructor from Germany made up his mind to marry a Russian girl; he chose a picture of a smart blond female and started communicating with her. The lady gave herself out as a poor medical nurse from Yoshkar-Ola, dreaming of a genuine man overseas, having been so very disappointed about her compatriots there. The inspired constructor thought he would meet the suffering beauty in person, although the latter was short of funds to purchase her ticket to Germany. The fiance then supported her, transferring money to her in the total amount of around 26,000 EUR. All of a sudden his special lady vanished. The fiance got worried and wrote a complaint to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in pursuance to the report of which, the fiance was going to marry Anastasia Volochkova, the picture of whom had been posted to that dating site. The scammers who organized that lucrative business of "pumping out" money from foreign fiances used to choose "black brides", as the investigators' slang reads , that is, the most attractive Russian stars: Zhanna Friske, Irina Saltykova, Anastasia Volochkova. Besides, according to Yoshkar-Ola criminal investigation employees, "Yulia Nachalova and Svetalna Svetikova had been of a good demand as well".

Police disclosed the fact that behind the masks of Friske, Saltykova and Volochkova 2 men and 5 women were hiding themselves, sending love letters from their Yoshkar-Ola apartment to the naive foreigners. By the way, lots of messages were composed with the help of a professional psychologist who knew what was to emphasize to get money from the men in love.

Real star ladies were profoundly indignant by their being used by unscrupulous scammers.

"I've felt scared and indignant to the bottom of my heart by the scammers using my image to land their jerkily targets" - so Anastasia Volochkova. - I first tried to sort out the things on the situation on my own, but then I concluded that law-enforcement bodies would do that much better.

My tip is as follows. If people know each other in the Internet, they have to be more cautious and careful. One can not be absolutely trustful. Virtual marriage agencies industry is growing pretty rapidly today; there are a lot of fraudulent dating sites. People try to find their matches, the scammers parasitize on their hopes.

I'm happy to learn that marriage swindlers were arrested. First 26 ,000 EUR is a big money. Second, can you picture the degree of frustration of a man who sent money to his fiancee?. : He was cherishing some hopes:That was the sneakiest deceit of softest human feelings ".

It is not for the first time that Irina Saltykova (a Russian songster) proves to be a victim of the similar fraud: "That's of course very unpleasant when your face is used just for fraud to earn big money on you: actually 26,000 EUR are sufficient to shoot a clip,- Irina says. - Once my image was misused in attempt to dupe people for money. They found a twin lady, taking after me a lot. So she used to date my male admirers for money. Mass media then wrote as though I was moonlighting that way".

Generally, Zhanna Friske (a Russian actress and songster) believes that one should live real life, with no skipping across the Internet: "I don't care for my pictures being posted somewhere - she told us. - If people have nothing to do, they will enter those sites to write letters. And I just do my job".

Title under the picture: Saltykova, Volochkova and Friske are not excited to date by the Internet.

Translated by Eugene Yousov, Alina agency,
Yoshkar-Ola Dec., 25, 2006

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