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Moscow is the capital and the most biggest Russian city, situated in the center of European Russia, the Russian Plain. Moscow is mentioned in the chronicles for the first time in 1147. The geographical position of Moscow, in the centre of Russian lands, on the bank of the navigable river, between Oka-river and Volga-river, in crossing of ancient trade ways, was economically advantageous and was one of the main reasons of its economic and cultural development.

The old part of Moscow has a radial-annular lay-out. The historical center of Moscow - the ensemble of Moscow Kremlin, not far from it - the Mausoleum named by V. Lenin in the Red Squire, Minin and Pozharski monument (they were the leaders of militia against the Poland intervention), Saint Basil`s cathedral. Ascension Church in Colominskoje, architectural complexes of cloisters (Andronnikova, Donskogo, Novodevichiego etc.), the ensembles of bartons (Kuzminski, Kuskovo, Ostankino etc.), churches, living and state buildings of 18th - the first middle of 19th century in the style of classicism: Pashkov house (now the bulk of the Lenin library), Blagorodnoie assemblage, the Moscow State University, the Bolshoi Theatre.

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Moscow Airports Codes

Moscow airport Sheremetyevo (Sheremetevo, SVO).
Airport code SVO, SVO-1 and SVO-2.

The international airport Sheremetyevo is situated in 28 km
North-West of Moscow, 11 km from Moscow Ring road (MKAD).
SVO airport has two terminals :

Sheremetyevo-1 (SVO-1). Main directions: Saint-Petersburg, Minsk.

Sheremetyevo-2 (SVO-2). Main directions: International flights.

Vnukovo. Airport code VKO.

The biggest airport.

Main directions: Crimea, Caucasus and the Baltic Republics.
Vnukovo airport is situated in 28 km from Moscow center.

Domodedovo. Airport code DME.

It is situated in 45 km. from Moscow. It is the second big airport.

Main directions: The Central Asia, Siberia, Far East.

Bykovo. Airport code BKA.

The oldest Moscow airport, situated in 35 km. from Moscow.

Main directions: The Central Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Eastern republics.

For many foreign tourists the first acquaintance with Russia begins from the arrival to the International Airport Sheremetyevo. We will be glad to help you not to be mislaid in the fuss of a big city-Moscow. Find out more about: Our travel services list and pricing

You can find a Moscow subway map in English here.

Pay attention to!

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