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Meet Russian women and find Russian bride: matchmaking service!

Internet gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet the Russian lady of your dream. But things happen in our life and relationships suddenly appear to be disappointing in a way. You can feel that you are wasting time and money but nothing happens and your dream is still far from reality. Joining some free dating sites and corresponding with possible scammers or even criminal scam groups can lead you to frustration.


Study our scheme and find out that it will give you 100 % certainty that those single Russian women who are seriously interested in you and meet all your requirements , will be definitely waiting for you - Testimonials.

Positive points of Alina agency matchmaking service

    The Russian women you are going to meet , have been pre-interviewed by the qualified managers of
       the agency and meet all your requirements

    You are not afraid of having that awkward feeling of meeting an unknown Russian lady because both you and the
       woman have been previously informed about each other and are not complete strangers now

    You will be provided by the Russian ladies emails, offered free web chat and translated telephone service during
       your conversation

    You are not wasting time with those Russian women who are not really interested in you and thus your
       expectations are justified

    Our highly qualified Russian matchmakers of Alina agency will be helpful and supportive to you

    You will have a personal English speaking psychologist

    You can send us any private questions and we will use them at our interviews with Russian ladies

    Unlimited number of letters to Russian women during the period of correspondence will be translated for you.


    We place your ad translated into Russian in a local newspaper

    You will have an identity check of any Russian ladies in any cities of Russia you are going to meet

    We offer a discount for gift delivery service with great pleasure

How matchmaking program is working step by step

Step 1: Fill in a profile form and do not forget to attach your up-to-date pictures, requirements for the Russian bride.

Step 2: Use our advanced search to find up to 20 favorite Russian brides and contact us with the girls IDs.

So we contact 20 Russian ladies from our site, who have been chosen by you and meet all your requirements. Your complete and accurate profile is introduced to the Russian ladies on your choice. Your good photos will certainly attract their attention. If you have any specific questions to the ladies, please do not forget to inform us.

Step 3: So nice Russian women, chosen by you are invited to the agency office and interviewed

Step 4: You will get the results of every interview with the comments of our personal English speaking psychologist

Step 5: You will definitely find 5 Russian ladies out of 20 who suit your imaginations

Step 6: Once you inform us on your choice we will open a membership account for you to start correspondence with the Russian brides and you will be able to address our matchmakers at any time without hesitation


  Find Russian Bride: Simple matchmaking plan
This plan includes all the services of matchmaking program. You can pick the Russian ladies only from the list of Russian women introduced at our agency site. Mind the price for matchmaking services is for 3 months period and includes 4 Russian ladies contact information and 3 months basic membership.
$200 Buy Simple Matchmaking Plan
  Find Russian Bride: Enlarged matchmaking plan
This plan includes all the services of matchmaking program. You can pick the Russian ladies not only from the list of Russian women introduced at our agency site, but after you fill in the profile form we will place your ad translated in Russian in local newspaper. The contact information will be given to the Russian ladies to be sure that they are invited to the interview. Russian ladies' profiles will be sent to you. This program gives you an advantage to acquire more opportunities to find the lady of your dream. Mind the price for matchmaking services is for 3 months period and includes 6 ladies contact information and 3 months basic membership.
$240 Buy Enlarged Matchmaking Plan
  Find Russian Bride: Extended matchmaking plan - find your 100% Match!
This plan gives you an excellent opportunity to pick the Russian ladies out of more than 400,000 family-oriented ladies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other ex-USSR (or FSU, Former Soviet Union) countries. It is a wonderful chance to meet the Russian lady of your dreams! You will be matched to only those Russian women who suit your preferences. This plan includes a beautiful rose delivery and identity check of 5 Russian ladies, unlimited correspondence translation (special membership) for one month. This Extended matchmaking plan will help you save your time, money and extend your search for the Russian lady of your dreams. To get more information on this plan, please contact us.
$399 Buy Extended Matchmaking Plan
  Find Russian Bride: Personal private matchmaking plan
This plan includes all the services of matchmaking program. The main idea of this service is to match men who are financially secure, kind, and family-oriented with the most attractive and family-oriented Russian ladies. The men need to submit their credit score and a copy of their public record to show that they are financially secure and have no legal problems. .

The men should pay a fee of $450 to be matched to 3 or 4 very attractive and family-oriented Russian ladies. If an engagement takes place, then he agrees to pay another $650. This payment of $650 is the final fee to the agency for a job well done. The Fiancee Visa assistance is included in final payment.

The Russian ladies will not be charged anything for their participation. We guarantee that the chosen Russian ladies are serious about long lasting relationships. They are not going to be introduced at our agency site. Mind the price for matchmaking services is for 6 months period and includes 10 ladies contact information and 6 months special membership.
$450 Make inital payment for a Personal private matchmaking plan
$650 Pay final fee for a Personal private matchmaking plan

Advice for your successful relations

This matchmaking program really makes sense especially if you take into account those tiny useful hints :

Being sincere in your correspondence will discover your personality, positive and negative sides of your character will let your Russian lady create an image of a real man. We advise you to discuss with Russian ladies any subject that can be of any importance for you.

Russian brides are not interested in long-term correspondence so try to plan your trip as soon as possible. Our matchmaking agency will provide you with all travel services.

If you have some hesitations and need a consultation you can contact us any time.

If you feel any discomfort in asking or discussing some questions, your personal Russian matchmaker will help you to do it on your behalf and you will be informed of the results of the discussion.

You can easily realize how important the personal contact is. The matchmakers are able to contact your Russian brides personally practically at any time you need. You can use their advice to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding with the ladies.

Don't promise too much. If you are not able to keep your promises the Russian lady will be disappointed very much.

Try to talk to all Russian ladies who you choose on the phone or to have a web chat.

Don't hesitate to share your impression of Russian ladies with your matchmaker.

Try to get as much information as possible because it really helps.

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