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How do i bring my fiancee, spouse or partner from Russia, Ukraine or Former Soviet Union (FSU, CIS) country to US, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy (or other Shengen country)

The fiancee visa is a document for the entry of a Russian or Ukrainian woman (Alien Fiancee) as a bride into the country of her possible bridegroom. This document is issued for every country in a different way. For many countries, for example Shengen countries, there are no difficulties in its obtaining (with the exception of Denmark). And it doesn't take much time. But the most difficult and long process is applying for guest/visitors or tourist visa, fiancee, partner or spouse visa for entry to the USA, Australia, Great Britain and their territories. In most cases the applicant (your lady) have to visit your country's Embassy or Visa Center in Russia for the interview in person, to relay finger prints, biometric data, pass medical exam etc. Let's consider this question in details. The difficulty is mainly in the fact that for making acquaintance with a bridegroom a Russian bride can't arrive in the bridegroom's country, her visa application is simply rejected.

There were a lot of cases when a bridegroom couldn't leave his job for arriving to his bride's country for personal meeting. And it is almost impossible to begin the process of applying for fiancee visa with the country's Immigration Service (e.g. USCIS, US Citizenship and Immigration Services or Danish Immigration Service) without affirmation of fact of their meeting. That is why we want to tell you some more about it, If you have a bridegroom from America, Australia or Great Britain to have some knowledge in this question. It is almost impossible to receive a guest or a tourist visa in the USA for young and not married girls.

Fiancee and spouse visa assistance by ALINA agency

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For example, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) are very afraid of the fact that under the pretence of brides, Russian women can become illegal immigrants. This policy became even harder after the events of the 11th of September, 2001. If your bridegroom and you don't want to have unexpected problems, you should keep up on these questions and discuss them together in advance. For many future bridegrooms these questions are also unknown. They think that as soon as they have a desire to invite a Russian bride to their country for meeting, pay for her tickets, and all the problems are solved. But when they find out about the all the difficulties, some of them just loose hope and don't write any longer. And of course it is great stress for Russian women.

But we really believe that before starting the process of fiancee visa you have to come to meet a Russian woman. Alina Marriage Agency will provide you with the service of tourist visa, Russian business visa including the invitation letter for Russian tourist visa and Russian business visa. The other variant is to invite your Russian lady to the country of your stay applying for guest visa or tourist visa. The staff of "Alina" Agency is open to provide your Russian lady with the guest visa or tourist visa, fiancee visa support.

The Russian International passport processing requirements

All Russian citizens at the age older 14 have internal passport (or national pass). To travel abroad Russian citizens have to use the international passport (or travel pass). It is valid for 5 years. The papers are in the process at Federal Migration Service (FMS). The process time is 30-45 business days. ALINA agency are ready to give its support in this process. Here is the list of required documents:

1. Two passport photos

3. Passport application form, sealed and signed at the place of work , 2pcs

5. Receipt proving the payment of the state duty (2500 RUB)

2. Photocopy of all pages of internal passport

4. Employment history book, sealed and signed at the place of work

6. A copy of the first page of previous international passport (if any)

Assistance in getting your lady's international passport
Assistance includes: 5 passport photos, copy of internal passport, copy of work records book, proof of employment of the applicant, international passport application form, filling in of all required forms, state duty, handing papers with the applicant.
$175 Add To Cart

Marriage Registration in Russia

There is no one-month waiting period following application to marry for a foreigner and his fiancee. It is recommended to inquire with the particular Registrar office in Russia - ZAGS about the exact list of documents this office will be asking you to present for getting married in Russia simply because the documents on the list may vary. ALINA agency is ready to give its support in this process. Here is the list od required documents:

1. Notarized translation of Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) with apostille (*)

3. Photocopy and Notarized translation of foreigner's passport

5. Arrival notification of local Federal Migration Service

2. Notarized translation of Divorce certificate (if divorced) or death certificate (if widowed) with apostille

4. Photocopy of Russian Visa

5. Marriage application in Russian (Zayavlenie)

(*) Notarized translation of either Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) with apostille from the local authorities outside Russia or CNI/MARRIAGE LETTER from the Embassy in Moscow, AUTHENTICATED by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Please, contact us if you are planning your marriage registration in Ukraine, Jamaica, Cyprus, Denmark or Turkey.

Assistance in Marriage Registration in Russia
Assistance includes: contacting local ZAGS in Russia and appointing the marriage registration date and time, consultation on getting CNI and other documents according to local ZAGS requirements, translation and notarization of all required documents.
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Assistance in getting a tourist or a guest entry visa for your lady
Assistance includes: 4 recent passport size photos, completely filled in application form in foreign language, internal passport copy, translation and notarization of required documents, consultations. Medical insurance, embassy fee and expenses for lady's interview in the embassy are not included.
$140 Add To Cart
Assistance in getting a fiancee or spouse visa for your lady
Assistance includes: 12 recent visa/passport size photos, completely filled in application forms in foreign language, internal and international passport copies, translation, legalization (apostile) and notarization of required documents. Assistance in filing a petition to the immigration service, passing medical exam and Embassy interview is also provided. Immigration Service and Embassy fees, Medical Insurance and expenses for lady's interview at the Embassy are not included.
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Useful information on a guest, tourist and fiancee visa paperwork

The fiancee visa to Germany

British - Russian Marriage. The fiancee visa to England

The fiancee visa to Australia

Fiancee visa or spouse visa to the USA (K1/K3 visa)

Guest and tourist visas process for Shengen countries.

(For 25 Shengen countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland)

Guest and tourist visas process for South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus.

Canadian - Russian Marriage

The fiancee visa to Germany

Beginning 28 August 2007 each applicant, who wants to enter Germany with the purpose of marriage or family reunification with a husband, must demonstrate the basic knowledge of German language, by providing a certificate "Start Deutsch 1" from Goethe German Cultural Center. Also the permission from the competent department who deals with the foreigners' affairs in Germany is required. You will need the following list of documents.

If you are intended to get married in Germany:

Three copies of the questionnaire to apply for the visa which must be filled in German with the genuine sign of the person. Three passport size photos (4x5) are attached. You can download, print and fill in the questionnaire from our site.

You international passport and 2 photocopies of the first page, and the copies of your internal (the pages where the current residence is showed).

The visa fee in Russian currency. It can be changed depending on the exchange rate of a ruble to euro.

The confirmation of a German agency of the civil statutes' acts on the presence of all the necessary documents. In case if you don't have such a confirmation you will have to present the invitation letter from your future spouse in which he/she states that he/she will cover all the expenses while your stay in Germany including the medical insurance ( the statement on the taking of all the obligation according the Law about foreigners (the paragraphs 82-84) or to enter into a contract with the insurance company, the notarized birth certificate with the apostil on it and the certificate of your marital status or a special sign in your international passport that testifies that you are not married, it must be notarized and translated into German as well. The documents must be in the original and two copies of each document must be attached.

If you are married already and want to move to your spouse to Germany (the family reunion).

Three application forms filled in German with attached passport size photos (4x5). You can download and print the application form out here.

Your international passport and 2 copies of the first page and the internal passport with the current residence.

The visa fee in Russian currency. It may change depending on the exchange rate of a ruble to euro.

Your marriage certificate with the apostil on it and the notarized translation and two copies of this document.

If you are planning to take your children who were born in a previous marriage of a Russian spouse:

Three application forms filled in German with attached passport size photos (4x5).

Your birth certificate with the apostil on it and the notarized translation into German and two copies of this document.

The resolution of the Russian bodies on the transferring the parent's rights with the apostil on it and the notarized translation into German.

If you don't have it you have to represent the notarized permission of a father (mother) for the moving to Germany and two copies of this document.

Apostil should be stamped on the original of Russian document.

If you don't know which department affirms the identity of the document in the form of apostil, you should address the department, which gave you the document.

You should present all the documents in origin, and also 2 copies of each of them.

Pay attention:

As a rule, the presence of the mentioned documents is enough. But in some cases the questions appear, and additional documents must be needed to solve it.

If the person points the wrong data, presents false documents, and also false information, he can be forbidden to go to Germany (and even to other countries of Shenghen area).

Your passport should be signed, its period of validity must be minimum 3 months more than the period of validity of the Visa.

If some suspicious things will be fount on German frontier or German frontier guards will have some powerful information, then they will be able to forbid you to go to German, in spite of you having valid visa.

Visa which you will get won't be Shenghen one, it is national German visa. To get your visa you must have agreement from the competent department on foreigners' affairs by your expected place of staying in German. That's why the references about the periods of passing of your documents are not possible, in some cases the process can be expanded on several months. As far as Embassy will get the agreement from the foreigners' affairs department, it will inform you in written about it. If after 6 weeks after you gave the petition you won't get written notice, you will be able to know about your situation on the phone.

As it was mentioned, your visa isn't Shenghen, you can't go to another government of Shenghen group (Austria, countries Benelux , Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg), Greece, Dania, Spain, Italy, Norwegian, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden) with this visa. You must register in the Foreigners' Affairs Department by your place of stay straight after your arrival at the territory of Germany. And this department will stamp the notice of your stay in your passport. With this notice you may visit other countries of Shenghen area.

When you get ready visa, check up the correctness of the data, pointing there.

Check up the correctness of the period of validity of visa, the number of days staying in Germany, the purpose of your visiting and the circumstances, connecting with it. Check up if there is a note about the children, traveling with you, in your visa; if they have their own visa. German Embassy doesn't take the consequences, if non-full or wrong data, written in visa, will lead to the disruption/delay of your trip or to the problems, connected with giving of the permission for staying in Germany.

Apostils and legalization (assurance/attestation) of the documents.

German documents are considered to be available in Russia only in the case if they are "legalized". It means that special affirmation of their identity is needed. This affirmation/attestation is made in the form of apostil.

Accordingly, the same rules act in respect of confession of Russian documents in Germany.

The attesting by means of apostil is based on the Hague agreement from 5.10.1961 on the liberation of the foreign official documents from legalization, which came into force on 13.02.1966 for Germany and on 31.05.1992 for Russia.

To get apostil you need, first of all, to find the coincident department, which has the right to make apostils. It is easier to learn about it in the place where the document for notarizing was given. In other case you should go by the following list of sharing competences. Pay attention to the fact that Embassies and General Consulates don't apostil the documents. You should also pay attention to the fact that the document, which must be notarized with apostil, must be also translated. You can find the instructions and recommendations how to act.

German documents.

The following departments are authorized to notarize the documents with apostil:

Federal administrative department in Koln - the documents, given by all federal departments and federal courts.

The president of German Patent Department in Munhen - the documents, given by the Federal Patent Court and by German Patent Department.

The Agrarian Ministries (or, accordingly, senators) of Justice and the chairmen of Agrarian and Local Courts - the documents, given by the organs of justice management, by the Civil and Criminal Court and by the notaries.

The Agrarian Ministries (or, accordingly, senators) of the Department of the interior and the chiefs of administrative counties (or, accordingly, of the governing counties) - the documents, given by all the Management Organs or by the departments, except Justice Organs.

Agrarian Ministries (or, accordingly, senators) of the Department of Interior, the chiefs of administrative counties (or, accordingly, of the governing counties), the Ministries (or, accordingly, senators) of Justice and the chairmen of agrarian and local - the documents, given by other courts, except the ones mentioned before (for example, by the Administrative, Labor, Social and other Courts).

The department is defined by the place of the documents issue.

Translation of German documents.

However, German documents should be also translated in Russian. 2 opportunities are possible for it:

It is easier to make the translation in Russian Federation. But Russian interpreters and notaries will translate only in the case when the original will be notarized by apostil.

If the translation is made in Germany, then the propriety of translation should be notarized officially and ratified by apostil.

Russian documents

The following department and organizations have right to notarize the documents with apostil in Russia.

The Ministry of Justice of Russian Federation deals with the documents, given by the organizations and the constitutions, directly depending on the Ministry of Justice, and stamp them with apostil.

The Ministries of Justice of republics, being the parts of Russian Federation, the organs of Justice of regions, countries, autonomies, and also cities Moscow and St. Petersburg apostil the documents, given by the organizations and constitutions of justice, directly depending on them, and also by republics, edges, areas, regions, cities, and on the copies of other documents, which were notarized there.

The registries of the republics, being parts of Russian Federation, the registries of edge, area and region centers, of Moscow and St. Petersburg cities apostil the documents, given by these registries or the organizations, depending on them.

The department of documents and references of Archive Federal Russian Service (Russian archive) apostil the documents, given by central state Russian archives.

The archive organs of autonomies archive departments of edges and areas apostil the documents, given archives, depending on them.

The Administration of General Prosecutor's office of Russian Federation apostil the documents, given by the organs of State General Prosecution.

German Embassy in Moscow: www.moskau.diplo.de

Russian Embassy in Germany: www.russische-botschaft.de

British - Russian Marriage

How to register marriage in Russia for a British citizen

British citizens who wish to marry in Russia must first obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage (CNI) to present to the Russian authorities (Russian marriage registry office) as proof that they are eligible to marry under British law. A Certificate of No Impediment can be issued either in the UK by a district superintendent registrar or by a British Embassy Consular official. Charges relating to these services (fees 22 and 24) can be found on our Consular Fee Table.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage issued in the UK

A CNI can be issued by your district registrar in the UK. A notice of marriage will have to be displayed for 21 clear days before the registrar will issue a CNI. Please contact your local registry office for more details. Once issued, the CNI should be legalized with Apostile stamp at the Legalisation Office of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The address is:

Norfolk House (West)
427 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes
Tel: 0044 01908 295 111
Fax: 0044 01908 295 122
(between 10am-12am and 2pm-3pm)

If you have been married before, then your divorce certificate (Decree Absolute) or death certificate of a former spouse should also be legalised by the Legalisation Office in the UK.

IMPORTANT: Please note that your CNI (and Decree Absolute or death certificate of a former spouse if applicable) should be apostillised by the FCO in London. Failure to do so will result in Russian authorities' refusal to accept your documents.

The CNI (and Decree Absolute or death certificate if applicable) should then be translated into Russian and the translation notarised by the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in London, a Russian Notary Public or the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Moscow.

A CNI issued in the UK is considered to be valid by the Russian officials for three months from the date of issue.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage issued in Russia

A CNI can only be issued by a Consular Officer of the British Embassy in Moscow after a Notice of Marriage has been displayed on the Consular Section's notice board for a period of 21 clear days.

Notice of Marriage

To complete a Notice of Marriage it is necessary to have been resident in the Moscow consular district for at least 21 clear days after your last arrival in Russia. You will need to make an appointment with a Consular Officer to swear an affidavit and sign the notice. A CNI issued in Moscow is considered to be valid by the Russian officials for three months from the date of issue.

Documents required for the issue of a CNI to Marriage in Russia

If you wish to have the CNI issued at the British Embassy in Moscow we require the following documents (all original): your passport (containing your Russian visa and registration) evidence of the termination of a previous marriage for both partners i.e. divorce decree absolute or death certificate (if applicable) of former spouse. IMPORTANT: Please note that your Decree Absolute or death certificate of a former spouse (if applicable) should be apostillised by the FCO in London. Failure to do so will result in Russian authorities' refusal to accept the documents. Your fiance(e)'s internal passport The CNI will be issued in Russian.

Please note that Decree Absolute or death certificate (if applicable) and date page of your passport should then be translated into Russian. It can be done at local Russian translation office (working in liaison with a Notary Public) or at the Consular Section of the British Embassy in Moscow(please see our fee table for the charges involved, it's Fee 10b. Consular Fee Table).

Please note it is important to plan well ahead if you want to obtain the CNI in Moscow as there are two qualifying periods of 21 days to consider: a) prior to the notice being drawn up and signed and b) the time during which the notice is displayed.

Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage for people resident in a third country

If you are a British Citizen normally resident in a country other than the UK or Russia you can arrange to display a notice of marriage at your nearest British Consulate. The CNI can then be issued. Please check with them first for details of what is required.

Procedures after the Certificate of No Impediment has been issued

After the Certificate of No Impediment is issued, it is necessary to have the signature of the consular officer attested at the Legalisation Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the following address:

12, 1st Neopalimovskiy Pereulok
Tel: (495) 244 37 97
Metro station: Smolenskaya or Park Kultury
Monday - Thursday
10.00 - 12.30
15.00 - 17.00
10.00 - 12.30
15.00 - 16.30

Please note that you must visit the Legalisation Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in person in order to legalise the Certificate of No Impediment. This normally takes them 5 working days.

Once these procedures are complete you should make an appointment for the marriage to take place, usually between one and three months later, at a Registry Office in the district of your fiance(e)'s permanent residence. If your fiance(e) is a resident (or registered) in Moscow/Moscow Region you have to make arrangements at the Palace of Marriages No.4 at the following address:

17 Butyrskaya Ulitsa
Tel: (495) 685 19 60 / 685 79 88
Metro station: Savelovskaya
Tuesday - Saturday
10.00 - 14.00
15.00 - 19.00

The deposit of foreign law marriage certificates in the UK

There is provision under UK law for the transmission of foreign marriage certificates of British Citizens (together with certified translations into English) to the Registrars-General in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, according to the part of the UK to which the British Citizen concerned belongs. However, two points should be made clear: the marriage is not registered in the UK; the marriage certificate is simply deposited for record purposes only. This means that the original certificate is not returned to the applicant. there is no legal obligation to have a marriage recorded in the UK. The parties may take advantage of these facilities if they consider that it would serve some useful purpose to have their marriage recorded in the UK but the validity in English law of a marriage contracted in Russia is in no way affected by it having been, or not having been, thus recorded. The procedure for deposit of a marriage certificate is as follows:

The British party to the marriage must provide a consular officer in the district where the marriage has taken place with the marriage certificate issued by the appropriate local authority, together with a translation into English which should be certified by a Consular officer. The consular officer will then send the marriage record to the appropriate Registrar-General.

The information on this website on marrying in Moscow is provided as a general guide and is based upon information provided to the FCO by the relevant local authorities. The information on this website is therefore only up to date and accurate to the extent that such authorities provide us with timely and accurate information. Accordingly the FCO does not guarantee that this information is accurate and will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information. British nationals wishing to obtain information about marriage must also contact the relevant local authority to be sure of the requirements that they need in order for their ceremony to take place.

Original article published on : UK in Russia. Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

British Embassy in Russia : ukinrussia.fco.gov.uk

Russian Embassy in Great Britain: www.great-britain.mid.ru

The fiancee visa to England

Before delivering your application to the Embassy, you have to collect the following documents:

- A valid passport, with the validity period not less than 6 months, and with enough space to paste the visa;

- Complete and signed form VAF2;

- 2 passport sized photographs (color, on white background, matted, 3,5x4,5);

- Appropriate visa fee in rubles;

- Documents, confirming availability of funds, that is recent abstracts of bank account, salary receipts or tax documents with tax inspector's seal, showing, that you or your sponsor can afford to pay a trip, and that there is enough money to pay the residence and expenses while staying in Great Britain for both you and your dependents (you should take into consideration that following documents do not confirm the availability of funds: car, land or real estate papers, currency exchange receipts, cash);

- Documents from your present place of work or study (if you study/work);

- Your old foreign passport(s) (if any);

In addition to stated above, to get the visas of underwritten categories the following documents are required:


Your birth certificate, also birth certificates of your sponsor and children, who are going to accompany you;

A Marriage certificate, original (if you apply the documents for husband/wife visa);

Documents, confirming that sponsor is a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, i.e. copy of his passport or registration certificate;

Divorce certificates or certificates of husband's or wife's death, if you or sponsor had been married before;

Abstracts of your sponsor's bank account for the last six months;

Letter from your sponsor's employer, confirming his employment;

Recent salary receipts of your sponsor;

Documents for living space, where you are going to live, for instance, documents for deferred payment purchase of real estate, ownership certificate, contract of tenancy;

Confirmation of your relationships, i.e. letters, e-mails, detailed printouts of telephone counts, photographs, visas/stamps in the passport, showing that you visited each other or traveled together;

What are the rules to emigrate to the fiance/fiancee in the United Kingdom?

You should prove that:

you are going to get married during the reasonable period of time (usually in a six months period)

you are going to cohabit after the wedding

you were meeting each other

you have a place for residence, where you and your dependents will be able to live before wedding, without applying for the help of public funds

you are able to provide the residence both for you and your dependents without working in the United Kingdom or having a recourse to public funds.

You will obtain the certificate of residence in the United Kingdom for 6 months, without work permission. After the marriage you can apply for a prolonging a visa for 2 year as a spouse/spouses and, if the application is successful, you will be permitted to work. Closer to the end of this term you will be able to apply for the certificate of permanent residence in the United Kingdom.


Great Britain Embassy in Moscow: www.britemb.msk.ru

Russian Embassy in Great Britain: www.great-britain.mid.ru

The fiancee visa to Australia

A Russian bride who is intending to move to Australia as an Australian citizen's partner, or that of a person permanently residing in Australia (or that of a legally qualified citizen of New Zealand) will be able to address for being granted one of the sub-rank visas as follows:

Fiance/fiancee - sub-rank 300 (deeming to get married)

Spouse - sub-rank 309 (matrimony)

Mutual partner - sub-rank 310 (mutual dependence)

1.Visa's fees

Visa's fees will be paid during the applying, without being subject to reimbursement. The fees are to be paid in $20 to the Australian Embassy in Moscow. Besides, the applicants will be able to agree about the visa's fees payable in Australia, the payment receipt being forwarded to the Embassy.

2. The terms of estimation

The applicants will have to prove their meeting Migration Provisions requirements referred to the visa's sub-rank they deem to be granted, the detailed information whereon being stipulated in the "Migration for the Joint Residence" brochure. You can pay for (with credit card) and download the brochure from the DIMIA: www.immi.gov.au. Website . You can buy the brochure at the Australian Embassy in Moscow as well.

In pursuance to the provisions of DIMIA Behaviour Code, the migration department officers are prohibited to offer any tips on the matter of migration, or render professional estimation of the successful completion chances for the potential applications procedure to the persons deeming to apply for the visas. The person making the resolution thereon will be liable for the essential looking through the applications upon the applying only.

3. The procedure of the applying

The Australian Embassy in Moscow having changed the terms of processing the visas applications for the joint residence, the delays thereof being diminished and the applications' processing being expedited. If you wish to apply for joint residence visa personally, please call the Embassy 2 weeks before the assumable date of the applying in order to appoint the precise date of the latter. As for the date of the applying, call the Embassy since 9.00 a.m. till 12.30 p.m. (Monday till Friday).

The applying in person pursuant to the preliminary appointed date of the applying.

If you apply personally in accordance to the preliminary appointed date of the applying, the interview with you will be held on the day of the applying. The interview held on the day of the applying in most cases can minimize the delays over the period of the application processing.

If you wish to apply at the Australian Embassy in Moscow personally, please call the Embassy 2 weeks before the assumable date of the applying in order to appoint the precise date of the applying. As for the date of the applying call the Embassy since 9.00 a.m. till 12.30 p.m. (Monday till Friday).

Please make sure to provide all the necessary papers during the interview, the extra-details related to the former and those on the interview procedure being stipulated as follows.

Please note that in some cases upon the first conversation on the day of applying, the applicant can be offered a second interview later.

The applying in person without the preliminary appointed date of the applying.

If you wish to apply in person without the preliminary appointed date of the applying, it can be so that the Embassy won't be able to hold the interview with you on the day of the applying. If you don't want the interview to be held in Moscow, it can take longer top arrange the interview.

Please make sure to provide all the necessary papers during the interview, the extra-details related to the former and those on the interview procedure being stipulated as follows.

Mailing the application by post.

If you mail the application by post, the notification on the appointed date of the interview will be forwarded to you by post.

If the application mailed by post has not been provided with all the necessary papers, you should have those during the interview, the extra details on the interview procedure and those on the necessary papers being stipulated below.

4. The general information on the applications proceeding.

On the day of the application being handed, the Embassy along with the fee payment receipt will issue the case, wherein Your application and other information/ correspondence received over the period of Your application processing are kept. Besides, the Embassy will mail You a letter, proving the fact of Your application receipt, provided with:

the case

the name and contact phone number of the officer engaged in Your application processing

the necessary extra documentation, or information

the normal terms of the applications processing, moreover

In the case no date of you applying having been appointed, or Your application having been forwarded by post. The time, date and location of the interview in person with migration department officer to be held. In case the interview would to be held outside Moscow, the tentative terms of the interview being intimated only.

Please note that in case of the application being mailed by post, the letter acknowledging the fact of Your application receipt will be forwarded to you during 7 days.

5. Documentation

Pursuant to the Migration Law (1958), the resolution on You application will be adopted any time based on the papers provided by You without any additional consultation with You. Related to that, it's extremely important to provide all the acknowledging and attendant documentation by the day of the applying. Otherwise delays of your application processing, or the reject of your applying for the visa can occur. You should apply for the joint residence visa for moving to Australia in case of your having got completely prepared , and being convinced about Your meeting the legal requirements, thereto only.

The documents handed in person mailed by post, or by fax won't be enclosed to your application before your applying. You are kindly requested to provide all the information referred to your application for visa to be issued along with the very application. Should you be asked by the Embassy to provide some extra-information, please make sure such papers to have Your name, date of birth, passport data in writing, and a register N of Your application as well. Over the period of Your application's processing, the data provided by You in conformity to the pointed requirements to be met, will be considered available only.

You have to provide the notarized copies of the original documents (the non-notarized copies will be rejected) . The solely original copy of the document to be provided, is a criminal free reference, the verified/notarized copies whereof being rejected. Please note that original copy of the reference won't be returned.

All the documents in the languages other than English will have to be provided with the translation to English, having been verified by a professional interpreter, or notarized. Should the original copies of the documents be kept in Australia, you will have to provide the copies thereof verified by a commissioner, by an application verifying commissar, or by any other person authorized to verify formal applications. The copies of original documents kept outside Australia will have to notarized, or verified by the person authorized thereto.


The following documents will have to be enclosed to the application.

47SP Application form properly filled in, provided with date and signed by You, all the questions whereof having to be answered.

40SP Application form properly filled in, provided with date and signed by Your partner, all the questions whereof having to be answered.

photo copies of all the international passports pages of all persons, declared in the application (for countries that do not verify passports, non-verified copies being accepted

photo copies of all the international passports pages of Your sponsor (for countries that do not verify passports, non-verified copies being accepted

visa's fee paid in USD cash, or the receipt testifying visa's fee having been paid in the Immigration Department of Australia

4 new passport photos - and those of all Your family members declared in You application (Your partner will have to provide 2 new passport photos)

notarized birth certificates copies, those of marriage and divorce certificates of all persons, declared in the application, including the translation to English where available

Application on the intentions to get married, if you apply to sub-rank 300 (deeming to get married). It's a formal document to be signed by the person who will serve the wedding ceremony in Australia, wherein the names of newly married and the date of the assumable matrimony will have to be included.

The police background check statements for all the persons at the age of 16 and older , declared in the application. You will have to provide the references like these from all the countries you have lived in for 12 month and more (in total in that number) during the period of the latest 10 years. You are kindly requested to provide the original documents, verified police statements copies whereof being rejected.

* 80 Form for all persons at the age of 18 and older declared in the application. You have to properly fill in and sign the 80, Private Qualities to Estimate Personality, which you can print out from the DIMIA web-site: www.immi.gov.au.

Documents testifying your true and long-lasting relationship with your partner as follows:

Your sponsor passport's pages copies including entry and departure visas for their visiting your native country.

Wedding (or any other) pictures of your sponsor and you together.

Documents testifying your contacts with your sponsor since your first encounter (e.g. letters stuffed in envelopes they have been sent in, phone bills, etc)

Any extra-documents testifying your relationship; financial, housekeeping, social and obligatory aspects wherein being included.

Application including a detailed description of the way, place and time You met Your sponsor.

Formal application of your sponsor including a description of the way, place and time Your sponsor met You, of your relationship's progress, of the period you decided to get married, and that of any other circumstances related to Your relationship.

Documents proving the fact of your partner's being a citizen of Australia, or a legally qualified citizen of New Zealand (e.g. an Australian citizenship certificate, or a passport pages copies including personal data, permanent visa, or any remarks on entry to/departure from Australia).

Documents proving the fact of Your partner's being able to accomplish their obligations (see Form 40 - part 1) (e.g. the latest income tax statement, the receipts pointing their current salary amount, document proving the fact of possessing large property, extracts from banking and other accounts, the information on the property, or cars being in their ownership, etc).

Warranty of support

Should Your sponsor fail to have a full-day permanent job, or used to receive social provision allowances during the latest 2 years, you are requested to provide the warranty of support . You have to properly fill in and sign the 28A form.

The Discretion Warranty of Support, being available to printing out from DIMIA web-site: www.immi.gov.au. Besides you'll have to provide necessary information of confirmation stipulated in that Form.

For children under the age of 18, if one parent is unavailable in the application:

notarized birth certificate including the names of both parents

notarized permission of the parent unavailable in the application for moving

passport pages copies including personal data of the parent unavailable in the application, or other signed documents verifying the person

Should you fail to get the permission of the parent remaining in their native land

You will have to provide trustee papers for all the children under 18, declared in Your application. There should be a resolution the court stating that the other parent would be divested to exercise their parent' s powers, or that stating that you are the sole parent

Should you apply as one of the mutually dependent partners? Your formal application and that of Your partner including the digest of the story of your relationship, and not less than 2 applications of the persons, knowing for sure about you relationship, to confirmation of reality and that of duration of your relationship

If you have worked/served for the Armed Forces (including national ones) the copies of service records

Should you like to nominate a definite person to accomplish any acts an to receive messages in the name of yours , please fill in the Form 956, one person will have to be nominated to contact us only

You can provide any other documents being significant in your opinion

Please note our incapacity to store a large amount of correspondence, pictures, and other documentation and to play video records back (except special inquiries on our counterpart)/ You can bring the papers to the interview to be looked through by our officers.

6. Interviews

In the process of the applications estimation any persons having applied for a spouse, groom/ fiancee visa, or for that a mutually dependent partner will hold an interview in person with a migration department officer. The interviews are held in Russian or in English at Your choice. If you wish Your interview to be held in the language other than English, please notify us thereon in writing during the applying.

Objective: The objective of the Interview is to obtain information, which may happen to be essential for us to estimate Your application. The Interview will last around 1 hour, although in some cases, depending on particular circumstances, it can take some more time. You can be asked personal questions, although the sole goal of such questions would be obtaining the information permitting to determine, if you meet the criteria, ranked for the visa You're applying for. We won't mean to be rude, orb impolite.

Depending on your circumstances we can also ask you some questions in English, should you mention about your association with your sponsor in English. You'll have to bring evidences of your relationship with your sponsor. As a rule, the officer holding the interview would mark the availability of such evidences and give you those back to you over the duration of the interview. In some cases we can ask to keep such evidences for awhile. Please note that our time to study such evidences during the interview is restricted, so the officer conducting the interview can look through a portion of the evidences provided by you. Please note that when looking through your application we have to take into consideration all the information about your sponsor and you, available at the department, including the information provided in connection with the previous application for the visa's issue.

Time: You will be assumed to come for being interviewed on the appointed day. With the exception of some special circumstances, the interviews as a rule are not reserved to another day. The final solution on your application is not adopted during your interview. Please check up your home address and phone number provided in your application for correctness so as we could easily get in touch with you.

Place: The interviews are regularly held in Moscow. Besides, around once per 3 months the representatives of Visas and Migration department travel to hold the interviews to Kiev and Yekaterinburg . The applicants wishing to pass the interview in one of those cities will be notified.

On the date and time of the interview about 2-4 weeks before the interview being held. Occasionally the representatives of Visas and migrations can hold the interviews in other cities. Under the availability of such opportunity the applicants will be notified thereon. In some cases the sponsors can also be invited to the interview. The solution on the necessity of the interview is adopted depending on the circumstances in any particular case, although not any sponsors can be invited. If necessary the officers of the Embassy will contact the sponsor. If the sponsors are in Australia, the interview can be held over the phone. Should the circumstances related to Your application have changed after the interview, you will have to notify the officers of the department thereon. If you want to provide any other essential information to confirm you application, please do that in writing.

7. Medical Requirements

You can pass through the medical examination just upon having applied, or pursuant to the invitation of our department. It's up to you to decide if you pass the medicals before our officers get in touch with you. Having passed the medical examination in advance you will be able to cut the total period of your case processing short, thanks to the earlier outcome thereof. At the same time you can pay for the medical examination, whereupon your application can be proved rejected due to some other reasons. Please note that our department is not responsible for the expenses incurred in you due to the medical examinations. Also mind that medical examinations outcome has a restricted validity. Normally they are valid for 12 month since the date of the examination. In some cases, depending on the health condition of the applicant those are valid during 6 months only. The terms of processing of your application being insecure, in insignificant amount of cases the terms o validity of the medical examinations can expire by the time of adopting the final solution ion the application. Hence we solicit you to thoroughly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the both options above. Independently on the time of your passing the examinations, you'll have to pay for holding those for any member of the family declared by you in the application, Independently on the fact if they are moving together with you. Any member of the family above 11 will also be liable to have a thorax roentgenoscopy (X-Ray shot of breast) taken.

On time the Embassy will offer you the necessary forms and make comments on the procedure of the above exams. The medical and roentgenoscopy examinations are held by skilled medical experts and roentgenologists , nominated by the Migration and International Relations Department. Upon the necessary medical examination having been held, the physician will tell the results thereof right away to our department, whereupon we are forwarding those to be processed by Health Appraisal Service (HAS). Please note that HAS response can come to the Embassy in 4, or 5 weeks.

8. The procedure and terms of processing of the applications

The ordinary term of processing the applications determined by the government of Australia to issue 300, 309 and 310 sub-rank visa is equal to 6 months.

Please don't disturb the Embassy officials with your requests to expedite your application's processing during the standard term of 6 months. The questions like the distract the staff of the Embassy from their work and can result in delays of the processing of the applications, including yours.

Please particularly note: we have no chance to answer the questions connected with the applications being processed in pursuance to the standard terms. Due to the great amount of requests to speed-up the processing of the applications received by Visas and Immigration Department; actually it's impossible to do so. Planning your departure from the country you should have standard terms for processing visa applications in mind. You have to remember that visa applications processing standard terms are grown average. Some of the applications can be processed quicker, the other, more complicated cases, will take some more time. Due to legal reasons any notifications related to the solutions on visas are forwarded to the applicants with registered correspondence. Should you indicate the address of your sponsor as that of the addressee for eth correspondence, we'll forward the letter notifying on the solution adopted at that address. Along with the visa issue notification, the general information on the procedure of leaving for Australia will be provided. Under the rejection of the application for the visa issue, the applicants are intimated thereon by special letter indicating the reasons, pursuant whereto the application has been rejected, and providing the information on the possibilities to revise that resolution.

9. Application for guest visa

Some applicants for immigration visa also apply for guest visa.

Australian program for visiting the country should facilitate the development of tourism and encourage guests' entry, including whole families, which are intend to meet the conditions, provided by the appropriate guest visa.

Criterion for guest visa issue is the circumstance, that "applicant will prove clearly that his intention to visit Australia only is true". As a rule, persons, having a valid application for immigration, are not able to convince a person who makes decisions that they are going just to visit Australia and not to use home stay visa as a mean, making the entry to Australia available, to stay there for permanent residence.

Besides, criterion 4011 of the Appendix 4 applies to persons, applying for a guest visa, who filed an application for moving to a permanent residence in a period of 5 years, preceding the filing of Application that is under consideration. This criterion is known also as a "risk factor" criterion.

Making a conclusion regarding the intention to make a motivated trip, officers while deciding the issue about the degrees of risk, which represents a person applying for a guest visa, should act according to the local experience. As issued here it is necessary to take into consideration the frequency of breaking terms of residence stipulated in visa, the number of cases, when persons, obtaining a guest visa, being in Australia already were trying to obtain the permission for more long-termed temporary or permanent residence, as well as the local conditions, which can cause an increased risk of non-compliance with the terms of a home stay visa.

Visa can be issued if a person, who makes a decision, considers that the applicant satisfies the criterion for issuing a guest visa. If there are any apprehensions regarding the probability of filing an application for permanent residence being in Australia already, provisions "on rejection of further residence" (8503) can be used.

Australian Embassy in Moscow: www.russia.embassy.gov.au

Russian Embassy in Australia: www.sydneyrussianconsulate.com

Fiancee visa or spouse visa to the USA (K1/K3 visa)

According to the immigration law of the USA, petition I-129F for the fiancee visa can be forwarded and approved in the USA only. Only American citizen has a right to forward a petition I-129F. Petition is forwarded to the department of immigration service of the USA at the place of actual or supposed residence of the petition forwarder. You can get the information about the order of forwarding a petition and required documents, which should be attached to this petition, on USCIS website: www.uscis.gov. You can get Form I-129F in any department of immigration service in the USA. Approved form I-129F is sent to the embassy of the USA, representative office in Moscow, where the interview with the applicant will take place. And the petition forwarder will be informed of the petition approval. Interview with the applicant is appointed after the administrative processing of the received documents is finished. This is an obligatory procedure, which can not be declined. An applicant receives the notice of the date of the interview by post. Necessary information about the preparation for the interview is send to the address of the applicant along with the invitation. You can get the information about a specified date of the interview on-line. You can also get this information from the enquiry service for visa issues.

List of the documents presenting in the interview when applying for fiancee (fiance) visa

1. Valid foreign passport.

2. Original Birth certificate.

3. Certificate of the absence of conviction and records of criminal nature. All the names, surnames and dates of birth, which the applicant had ever used, should be indicated in the police certificate. The certificate should contain information about each place (region, territory, republic of Russian Federations), where the applicant was or is residing for more than 6 months, starting with the age of 16, including the period of studies. The applicant can tender the certificate from the military registration and enlistment office domiciliary over a period of army service. If the applicant was residing abroad, the certificates are required from those countries, where he had been residing for more than one year. The certificate is valid in the course of one year.

4. Original of divorce certificate, (for widows - a certificate of husband's death)

5. The child, who is departing concurrently, must have a valid passport (or his name can be included in the passport of a parent), birth certificate and certificate of medical examination. If the child is 16 years old or older, the police certificate is required.

All above mentioned documents should be accompanied by the copies and translation into English. If originals of the documents are in Russian, notarization is not required.

6. black-and-white photographs sized 3x4cm.

7. The Documents, confirming the relations between fiance and fiancee: photographs, on which petition forwarder and visa recipient are together, letters to each other, accounts for the telephone negotiations, plane tickets and so on.

8. Results of the physical examination in the sealed envelope.

9. Reference of the petition forwarder including information about the salary and (or) copy of tax return (form 1040) for the last year, abstract of the state of the bank account, forms "W-2" can be presented. Presentation of the Guarantor of moneyed assistance (form I-134) is not required, but desirable.

Earnest request to visa recipients not to come to the interview until all specified documents are ready. Otherwise the documents won't be taken and the interview will be put off.

If in the course of the interview it will be turned out that the applicant is required to present additional documents, they can be left in the box 221G on the north gates of the embassy. Time for presenting the additional documents - from 14.00 till 16.00 during any workday.

Having entered the USA, owners of the visa K1 should contract a marriage with the petition forwarder within 90 days from the moment of arrival in the territory of the USA. Otherwise they have to leave the territory of the USA and return to the country of residence by the specified time. In case of the marriage, owner of the visa K1 can apply to the local department of immigration service to register the status of the resident.

Information about visa K2 for the fiancee (fiance) child

Children of the applicant for visa K1 (under 21 year old and not married) should be declared in the petition I-129F. Child presence in the interview is obligatory. You also can apply for visa K2 after the main applicant (K1) had contracted the marriage with petition forwarder and had got a status of the resident of the USA. In this case along with the other documents you should present in the interview a notarized copy of marriage certificate of the main applicant and the petition forwarder. Visa K2 can be granted within one year from the moment of granting visa K1 to the main applicant.

If represented documents satisfy the requirements of the immigration law, each applicant gets a none migration visa into the passport. K1 and K2 visas are valid for one entry during six months period. Together with the visas the applicants get visa packs for presenting to the immigration authorities of the USA.

USA Embassy in Moscow: www.usembassy.ru

Consulate general of the Russian Embassy in Seattle: www.netconsul.org

Guest and tourist visas process for Shengen countries

(Schengen area countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland)

We also assist in getting tourist and guest visa (short-term stay visa) for your lady in Russia or Ukraine.

We'll fill in application forms, prepare all package of documents for handing in the application to the embassy to get visa, render courier service to hand the documents to the embassy and to get the visa.

25 countries concluded the Schengen agreement (Dec 2008). The purpose of the Schengen agreement is the unrestricted itinerary within the area of Schengen, including foreign tourists and everybody who enters one of these countries by Schengen visa. Schengen visa paperwork is processed to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Switzerland.

The links to the websites of the Embassies of Shengen countries:


Country's Embassy in Moscow

Russian Embassy abroad




























The Netherlands


















Czech Republic












The documents, needed for getting visa:

    1.Completely filled in application form, signed by an intercessor personally;

    2.Glued in passphoto (recent, not too old);

    3.International passport ( validity 3 months longer than applied visa).

additional documents for tourist visa:

    4.The confirmation of hotel payment ( sent by fax);

    5.The proof of finance for a trip of the intercessor ( it may be credit card or the extract of bank account);

    6.Travel and medical insurance ( coverage min.30000 euro);

    7.Flight ticket / flight reservation.

additional documents for a guest visa:

    4.The original of the invitation letter ( notarized, notified);

    5.Passport copy of the inviting person;

    6.Copy of registration of the inviting person;

    7.Proof of finance of the inviting person;

    8.Proof of employment of the applicant;

    9.Travel and medical insurance ( coverage min. 30000 euro).

    10.For Denmark: proove of personal meeting and financial security payment
         from the host in Denmark (54813 DKK).

The Embassy reserves the right to ask for more additional documents. The term of processing is 5 days usually (depends on the country, e.g. Danish guest visa processing is 50-60 days). The documents should be handed 2-3 weeks before the trip (with the exception of Denmark).

Applying for those types of visas Russian women will not have the interview and personal meeting for representing documents at the Embassies is not required except Germany, France, Italy.

Guest and tourist visas process for South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus.

We offer assistance in getting a visa to other countries : Switzerland, South Africa, Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus etc.


Country's Embassy in Moscow

Russian Embassy abroad

South Africa












ALINA Agency provides train ticket and airplane ticket booking services. Only here you can get the flight booked at a special lower rate from Aeroflot and Siberia Airlines(S7) and other companies. ALINA agency guide is always ready to accompany your lady from Yoshkar-Ola to Moscow and back.

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Canadian-Russian Marriage

Steps to Russian marriage:

1. WHEN YOU ARRIVE IN RUSSIA YOU HAVE TO REGISTER YOUR RUSSIAN VISA WITH YOUR RUSSIAN SPONSOR ( without a valid Russian visa and registration with the Russian authorities you will not be able to get married in Russia and will not be accepted by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). All foreigners are required by Russian law to have their Russian visas registered within three days after your arrival. Registration has to be done by your Russian sponsor, or the Russian company which invited you to come to Russia, or the Travel agency (if it is a tourist visa). The Embassy cannot assist in this case.

2. OBTAIN A MARRIAGE LETTER, DECLARATION OF NON-IMPEDIMENT TO MARRIAGE (WHERE YOU STATE IN FRONT OF THE CANADIAN CONSUL/CONSULAR OFFICER THAT YOU ARE FREE TO MARRY) AT THE CANADIAN EMBASSY IN MOSCOW, YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE EMBASSY IN PERSON ONLY ( TAKES FROM 1 to 2 WORKING DAYS) , 23 Starokonyushenny Pereulok, Main entrance, Consular Section. A Marriage letter (Sworn declaration) has to be signed by the Canadian Consul/Officer, and then the signature of the Consul officer has to be authenticated by the Legalisation Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has an office ONLY IN MOSCOW (see point 4 for details). www.rossiya.gc.ca

Please note the Marriage letter issued by the Canadian Embassy has the date on it - the letter will be valid for the Russian authorities for 3 months only - if the date on the letter is May 10, it will be valid for the Russian authorities only until September 10 even if it has a stamp of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated later then the Embassy date. So, make sure that you use this letter before the date of expiry. Once the letter expires, you will not be able to get married and you need to obtain another letter and legalise it at the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We accept clients every day, except Saturday and Sunday and statutory holidays, from 9:00 to 15:00 (lunch time is from 13 to 14) tel. 925-6000. Embassy web site: rossiya.gc.ca The Marriage letter will be issued for you in English and Russian. The transliteration of your name should be identical to that on your Russian visa. The cost is $CAN 50, or the equivalent in rubles (1 300 rubles as of November 2007).

3.OBTAIN AN OFFICIAL TRANSLATION OF THE INFORMATION PAGE OF YOUR PASSPORT. (same day service) The necessary translation can be obtained at any translation office in Russia or in Canada (the only requirement is that the transliteration of your name should be identical to that on your Russian visa and should be the same as in your Marriage declaration). Translation made by the Canadian Embassy in Moscow is also acceptable. You do not need to authenticate, legalise the signature on the translation, just submit it to the Marriage office. The fee for translation of the Canadian passport is 15 CAD or 400 rub as of November 2007.

Fees are subject to change without notice. Please contact the Consular section for an update.


This service is performed ONLY IN MOSCOW by the Department of Legalization , Consular Services of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation LOCATED ONLY IN MOSCOW, at First Neopalimovskiy pereulok, 12a, nearest metro station "Part Kultury", then 2 stops by trolleybus # 10 or #B at the direction of Smolenskaya Square. Telephone: 7-495-244-37-97, Russian MFA information desk: 7-495-244-45-81.

The hours of operation are:
Monday - Thursday, 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00 and
Friday - from 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 16:00 (tel 7-495-244-3797).

Please contact the office of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at 7-495-244-37-97 before your go there about processing time and fees (are subject to change by the Russian MFA without notice). You can also ask your Russian fiancee/fiance to call the MFA at 7-495-244-37-97.

5. GET MARRIED AT THE CIVIL REGISTRY OFFICE (ZAGS) After completing the first fours steps, please contact any local Marriage office (ZAGS) in the place where your fianc?e is residing /registered (in Russian this abbreviation means - Zapis Aktov Grazhdanskogo Sostoyaniya). In Moscow you can contact the Marriage office at the following address: Palace of Weddings (for foreigners), 17 Butyrskaya St. Moscow, Telephone 7-495-685-1960, 685-7988, 685-06-94 where you have to submit the above mentioned documents and your passport. The ZAGS will issue a Marriage certificate for you once you get married. It means that your marriage is legal for Canada. Please note that notarized copy with certified translation of your Russian marriage certificate will be sufficient to submit Immigration sponsorship application and will be acceptable for the Immigration authorities.

6. Once you are married, you may contact the Immigration Canada for information about family class sponsorship for your spouse, or Immigration/Visa web site: www.cic.gc.ca. where you can see the instructions how to prepare the documents to submit sponsorship for your spouse - for Immigration purposes you need a notarised copy with certified translation of a Russian document (for example Russian birth certificate, Russian marriage certificate, Russian diploma, etc).

Please note that the Consular section is not dealing with Immigration issues and can not facilitate contacts with the Embassy Visa and Immigration Section.

Please contact the Immigration and Visa section directly at 495-925-6070 (answering machine), 495-925-6069,
Or by fax: 495-925-6004,

Natasha Bulgakova
Consular Officer/Agent Consulaire
Consular Section, Embassy of Canada
23 Starokonyushenny Per, 119002 Moscow Russia

Embassy of Canada in Moscow: www.rossiya.gc.ca

Consulate general of Russia in Montreal: www.montreal.mid.ru

Consulate general of Russia in Toronto: www.toronto.mid.ru

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