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The article from the Russian State TV broadcasting "Channel One" website, published on October, 30, 2006

"A Russian lady named Alyona is excited to marry a foreigner". The announcements like that provided with a picture of Alyona Fedorovskaya can still be seen on the Internet. Vladimir Osipov, the true groom of Fedorovskaya is beside her in the prisoners'box.

They started "Russian Girls" virtual marriage agency together. Alyona being the basic fiancee of that establishment - foreigners just got hooked by her long braid. Upon a short communication, Alyona the fiancee would ask a foreign groom to send her money for her visa and plane ticket.

Evgeniy Zyryanov, the judge of Ekaterinburg Verkh-Isetsky regional court: "No papers to leave for the US have been submitted by Fedorovskaya, nor she flew to Moscow, the funds thus obtained were peculated by Osipov and herself and spent on their own needs. The damage amounting $1800 equal to 53524 RUB at the current USD rate was inflicted on the complainant".

Background checks. Case in Ekaterinburg city of Russia

The court session disclosed that the Internet swindlers defrauded 15 persons, the total sum of the damage incurred amounting 400000 RUB. Over the period of "Russian Girls" site being under operation, Osipov bought 3 cars, 2 apartments, a land plot, Fedorovskaya spent the funds sent by her defrauded bridegrooms on pursuing her prestigious University degree.

The Foreign fiances baited by the Internet scammers even tried to meet their Russian fiancee in person. To do that they would get to Ekaterinburg looking for the lady named Alyona at the addresses indicated by her. Having been despaired by the hopeless search, one of the cheated fiances even addressed a militia department. In awhile the creators of the "Russian Girls" site were arrested.

Background checks. Case in Ekaterinburg city of Russia

To investigate that crime, a special "K" department of Sverdlovsk Internal Affairs City Board (IACB) with high technologies experts was established. Besides, Interpol's assistance in that regard was very helpful as well.

Valeriy Gorelykh, Sverdolvsk Area IACB mass-media manager: "We had to work according to a fairly extraordinary scheme. Militia employees have never faced crimes like this earlier, wich was the basic difficulty during the investigation. Working with foreign citizens made it more complicated".

The accused parties denied their guilt even on the day of conviction, Fedorovskaya keeping on stating her true desire to marry a foreigner.

Background checks. Case in Ekaterinburg city of Russia

Osipov and Fedorovskaya were arrested right in the court room, having to spent the next 5 years in jail.

Translated by Eugene Yousov, Alina agency,
Yoshkar-Ola Nov., 9, 2006

Background checks in Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries

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