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$2,047 for the myth: Runaway Bride - 3

The article from "The Arguments And Facts" Newspaper, Yoshkar-Ola, Russia, issue N 45, November, 2005

The American John Louis M's Russian bride has faded away upon the announcement on her departure to the USA. The upset groom went to the police.

Their 1.5 month romance story goes as follows.

Background checks: Case in Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, Russia

Having studied the Russian fiancees gallery in the site of www.kiss.com for several days John Louis chose Marina A. from Yoshkar-Ola. The lady has immediately responded to his e-letter. Their relationship started to grow rapidly. In a fortnight Marina wrote that she wanted to visit John, although being short of funds for the ticket. The happy lover immediately transferred $357 by Western Union to one of the Yoshkar-Ola banks, whereupon transferring 999, 71 and 620 more "verdure" at the request of the lady. The lady asked money either for the urgent visa paperwork, or for extra pay for the ticket, or for the accommodation in Moscow. During 12 days John Louis has transferred $2,047 to Russia, although without seeing his bride...

Russian police, having studied the stuff of the international investigation report, started to search for the disappeared bride. Marina proved to stay at her home in Yoshkar-Ola, without thinking of any travel. The police officers seemed to burst into doubts, if that was just that lady they were looking for, as the picture John had enjoyed looking at considerably differed from the "master copy". Although the' replacement' of the face was far beyond the last issue in this respect. Her letters have proved to be written by Alexander Z.

That adventurous young man, having bought a computer and heard the talks on making money at the expense of foreign grooms, tried to take that chance. The most complicated matter was to find a real lady to consequently pick up the monetary transfers. Although Alexander was a lucky guy. A young person's mother somehow said her daughter was looking for job. The lady eagerly agreed without any extra-questions to do that. Besides the service in pursuance to her position's responsibility was insignificant, just to ride by car with Alexander to banks and to pick up the money, receiving $50 per visit.

The fact of fraud having been disclosed, Alexander Z. was convicted with 3 years of jail provisionally, Marina growing just slightly scared. Although it's sure possible to assume the vacant position has been immediately occupied by others. To sweep up the traces - it is possible to arrest the scammers only during getting cash by them - the adventurers might even choose the banks of the neighboring regions - Tartarstan, Chuvashia, etc.

The customers of the banks can always see the babushkas/grannies wearing plain clothes receiving monetary transfers by Western Union. That might hardly be for the aid of their grandsons from the overseas, the 'grandson', as a rule being an adventurous young guy impatiently waiting for them with cash on the ladder of the bank's porch.

Anton Vetkin,

Special thanks to mass media service of the republican MIA

Translated by Eugene Yousov, Alina agency,
Yoshkar-Ola Nov., 13, 2005

Background checks in Russia, Ukraine and other ex-USSR countries

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